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We are Australia's largest online retailer of hammocks, hanging chairs and stands.

For years we've sold high-quality and authentic products that have been hand-made and imported from countries like Brazil and Mexico.

Gird List
  • Steel Hammock Stand
    $194.95 $155.95

    Part of a great, suspended-in-the-air hammock experience is the confidence that you are solidly supported while in your lofty haven. In the absence of two trees positioned the right distance from one another in the...

  • Steel Apex Hammock Frame
    $208.50 $166.80

    This is a frame only and does not include a hammock • Available as part of a Hammock & Apex frame bundle or buy a separate hammock of your choice for this frame • Suitable for hammocks without...

  • Wooden Hammock Stand
    $325.45 $260.36

    This Universal Wooden Hammock Stand is designed to accommodate a double hammock. It is easy to assemble and comes with instructions. This hammock stand is also easily transportable and will fit into most car boots.* Hammock...

  • Adjustable Steel Hammock Frame
    $236.20 $188.96

    Note: This is a frame only and does not include a hammock.This frame is available in a combo, or you can buy aseparate hammock to suit it here.  You'll happily wile away the hours on a sunny weekend with a hammock...

  • Universal Steel Hammock Stand
    $234.26 $187.41

    Note: This stand will not fit a Mexican Hammock. This great looking and stylish hammock stand is very durable and stable. Measuring 2.5m long x 1.20 wide x 1.10 high and weighing 16 kg making this easy for you to...

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