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We are Australia's largest online retailer of hammocks, hanging chairs and stands.

For years we've sold high-quality and authentic products that have been sourced from countries like Brazil, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Gird List
  • Family Size Brazilian Hammock
    $139.95 $112.95

    One moment, it’s stress and obligations. The next, you are beckoned by the balmy Brazilian sunshine, by the refreshing Costa Verde sea breeze, the distant sounds of the Samba Bossa Nova. Roll your tired self...

  • Mexican King Outdoor Cotton Hammock
    $209.95 $169.95

    Even heavyweights will feel lightweight in this strong and durable hammock. Perfect for up to three adults. The secret of the superior comfort and strength offered in our production of Mexican  Hammocks, lies in the...

  • Queen Size Siesta Hammock
    $134.94 $107.95

    Whether it's hanging out with friends, enjoying some quality family time, or simply relaxing alone - the Siesta Queen Hammock is perfect for the backyard, a BBQ area or even the beach. Made from 100% colour-fast...

  • Mexican King Cotton Hammock
    $190.81 $152.77

    It doesn't matter if you decide to occupy it by yourself, with a loved one or even with two others at the same time; the Mexican King Cotton Hammock is the best when comfort is your goal. Cotton hammocks are the...

  • Mexican Jumbo Cotton Hammock
    $220.49 $176.39

    Imagine yourself lounging under the sun with the Mexican Jumbo Cotton Hammock. With the warm pattern and with its relaxing tone variations of natural cotton bring beauty to this hand-woven hammock, you’ll...

  • Family Mexican King Hammock
    $169.95 $135.96

    When everybody wants to get into some serious, chilled out fun, huddle in altogether on the Family Mexican King Hammock. This big statement, premium Hammock is expertly handwoven in Mexico. Select from either raw...

  • Mexican Queen Outdoor Cotton Hammock
    $200.00 $159.95

    With enough space for one adult and a child, position this hammock anywhere in the natural element and float away. The secret of the superior comfort and strength offered in our production of Mexican  Hammocks, lies in...

  • Mexican King Nylon Hammock
    $209.98 $167.98

     It's impossible to be in a bad mood when lounging on the comfortable and vibrant Mexican King Nylon Hammocks.  This traditional Mexican hammock will take you to your happy place with authentically...

  • Mexican Jumbo Outdoor Cotton Hammock
    $224.95 $179.95

    Sometimes you just need a good place to relax and unwind and Mexican Jumbo Outdoor Cotton Hammock lets you do that alone or with whole family. The secret of the superior comfort and strength of this hammock lies in...

  •  Deluxe King Outdoor Cotton Hammock
    $225.95 $180.76

    This Deluxe  hammock is bordered with crocheted lace and all hand woven with our  thicker cotton string for extra resistance offering comfort and extra durability with a final touch of elegance. Ideal to decor your...

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