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We are Australia's largest online retailer of hammocks, hanging chairs and stands.

For years we've sold high-quality and authentic products that have been sourced from countries like Brazil, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Gird List
  • Double Size Hammock with Steel Frame
    $250.70 $201.36

    Hang back. Right back. And then some. Switch off your busy mind, loosen your stiff body. Learn to do simply nothing on this popular Double Size Hammock with Steel Frame. There is room enough for two if you fancy...

  • This model includes hammock (colours may vary)
    $249.04 $199.23

    Sometimes, all you really want is a little sanctuary, away from the fast, busy world. But really, who has the time to go seek it out? Create your very own relaxation centre with our Double Size Hammock with...

  • Wooden Hammock Frame Bundle
    $686.98 $572.40

    Product Description: High quality luxury wooden frame.  Varnish finish. Adjustable hooks to fit variety of hammock including our large hammocks L3.2 x W1.2 x H1.2 25kg Holds 200kg...

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