Top Hammock Frames: Elevate Your Outdoor Lounging with These Must-Have Picks

Top Hammock Frames: Elevate Your Outdoor Lounging with These Must-Have Picks

Dreaming of a leisurely afternoon in a hammock? The charm of an Aussie summer isn't complete without the gentle sway of a hammock. But, the quest for that ideal hammock frame – one that balances aesthetics, functionality, and durability – can be a tad overwhelming. Fear not! Siesta Hammocks presents to you a curated list of the top 5 hammock frames, ensuring you the perfect Aussie relaxation rendezvous. Let's unravel them!

Caring for Your Hammock Frame: Tips and Tricks

Ah, the great Australian outdoors! While our environment offers the best backdrop for hammock relaxation, it also poses challenges for maintaining your hammock frames. Whether it's the relentless sun, unpredictable rain, or the occasional gusty wind, ensuring your hammock frame stands the test of time is crucial.

Firstly, wooden frames, such as the Larch wood one from Siesta Hammocks, benefit from periodic oiling. This not only retains the wood's sheen but also enhances its resistance against potential decays. The application of a wood preservative can also help, especially if your frame is positioned under direct sunlight or is exposed to rainfall. For steel frames, while many come with a powder-coated finish for protection, they're not invincible. A gentle wipe-down with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one, prevents moisture build-up and rust. If you notice any scratches or chipped paint, consider touching up with paint to prevent exposed areas from corroding.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Location Matters

Positioning your hammock frame is more than just finding a spot that offers the best view. It's a balance between aesthetics, safety, and longevity. In the vast Australian landscape, while the lure of placing your hammock under that sunlit patch is tempting, remember that direct sunlight can fade your frame's colour, especially if it's wooden, and make the metal ones heat up.

Choose a location that provides some shade, maybe under a tree or beside your patio. This not only ensures the longevity of the material but also offers a cooler lounging experience. If you're using the frame on soft ground, ensure the base is stable. Wobbly frames are not just a safety hazard but also wear out quicker due to uneven weight distribution. Lastly, remember to account for the hammock's sway. Ensure there's ample space around to avoid bumping into objects or plants. After all, uninterrupted relaxation is the goal!

Top Hammock Frames in Australia

  1. Wooden Hammock Stand

Wooden Hammock Stand-Not Applicable-Siesta Hammocks

The Wooden Hammock Stand from Siesta Hammocks is a stylish and durable option for your backyard. This frame is made from solid larch wood, which is known for its strength, resistance to decay, and beautiful appearance. With a weight capacity of 200kg, it's suitable for both single and double hammocks, ensuring a comfortable lounging experience for everyone.

The curved design of the stand not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides stability and support. The wooden stand comes with galvanized steel hooks for easy hammock attachment and is weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability.

  1. Universal Steel Hammock Stand
universal hammock steel stand 9ft280 cm outdoor

The Universal Steel Hammock Stand is a versatile and sturdy option for any hammock enthusiast. Made from heavy-duty steel, this

frame can support up to 200kg, making it suitable for single, double, or even extra-large hammocks. Its powder-coated finish ensures protection against rust and corrosion, while the adjustable hooks accommodate various hammock lengths.

The stand's easy-to-assemble design and included hardware make setup a breeze, and the rubber end caps protect your floors if you choose to use it indoors. Its sleek design and durability make the Universal Steel Hammock Stand a fantastic choice for any hammock lover.

  1. Steel Hammock Chair Stand

Steel Hammock Chair Stand-Not Applicable-Siesta Hammocks

If you prefer hammock chairs to traditional hammocks, the Steel Hammock Chair Stand is an excellent option. This sturdy frame is made from powder-coated steel, ensuring it's both weather-resistant and durable. With a weight capacity of 150kg, it's perfect for supporting your favorite hammock chair.

The adjustable height feature allows you to customize the stand to your preferred chair height, and its 360-degree rotation capability ensures a relaxing experience. The stand's compact design makes it ideal for small outdoor spaces, such as balconies or patios.

  1. Double Hammock Chair Stand


The Double Hammock Chair Stand is perfect for those who want to share the relaxation experience with a loved one. This robust steel frame can support up to 200kg, allowing two people to sit comfortably in their hammock chairs. The powder-coated finish provides protection against the elements, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The stand's easy assembly and adjustable height ensure a comfortable fit for a variety of hammock chairs. Its wide base offers excellent stability, making it safe and reliable for your outdoor oasis.

  1. Hammock Dream Chair Stand

hammock dream chair stand siesta hammocks

The Hammock Dream Chair Stand is designed specifically for the popular Dream Chair style hammocks. Made from heavy-duty steel, this frame is built to withstand up to 120kg, ensuring a secure and comfortable lounging experience.

Its unique design provides ample support for your Dream Chair, allowing you to sway gently while you relax. The stand's powder-coated finish ensures durability and weather resistance, making it a fantastic addition to your outdoor space.

  1. Tripod Stand

tripod stand

For those wanderlust-driven souls, or those who fancy a change of scenery now and then, the Tripod Stand is your pick. Light, yet sturdy, it's perfect for hammock chairs and swings, supporting up to 120kg. Whether it's the beach, a campsite, or just a different corner of your backyard, this stand ensures your relaxation travels with you.


Choosing the perfect hammock frame is a journey tailored to your tastes and desires. From opulent wooden frames to adaptable steel ones, Siesta Hammocks has the Australian backyard experience down pat. Be it shared moments on a double chair stand or solitary reflections on a portable tripod, our curated list has got you covered. Explore these hammock frame treasures and design your own backyard paradise today!

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