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Kangoo Baby Hammock

Kangoo Baby Hammock


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The AMAZONAS Kangoo Baby Hammock is one of the safest baby hammocks on the market. It can either be buttoned up so that baby feels safe and snug yet remains visible to the one caring for the baby. Or alternatively, the hammock can be left unbuttoned for curious babies who want to watch the world go by!


* A sewn in 5-point safety harness to provide you with ultimate peace of mind
* It's 'bag' type design means babies cannot roll back or forwards as the baby's weight will weigh it down
* Space underneath the lying surface for the matress/blanket to be inserted, protecting your baby from slipping in between
* The Kangoo hammock allows adequate airflow
* Mimics the comforting floating state that the baby experienced inside mums womb for 9 months
* The spreader bar is removable so the hammock can be machine washed

The Kangoo Baby Hammock complies with the strictest of safety standards. Copies of safety certificates and test reports are available on request.


  • Brand: AMAZONAS
  • Age range: birth to 9 months (approx for small babies)
  • Maximum weight: 15kg
  • Cradle measurements: 70cm x 40cm
  • Spreader bar width: 40cm 
  • Weight of hammock: 1.15kg 
  • Material: 100% cotton

The Kangoo easily clips onto your choice of suspension, meaning it can quickly be moved to another room, allowing baby to follow you round where ever you go.

Note: The specifications above are for the Kangoo Baby Hammock only, it does not include a frame. Some options include:

Suspension / Frame Options:

* Wooden 'Hippo' stand 
* Wooden 'Carello Baby' stand
* Luna (Luna in combination with Woopy)
* Jumbino ceiling hook and woopy spring 
* Door clamp


* Sunny
* Jumbino
* Woopy
* Liana

Purchase the luxurious Kangoo Baby Hammock today for the new addition to your family.