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Platform Swing With Adjustable Ropes (sensory swing)-Siesta Hammocks SALE

Platform Swing With Adjustable Ropes (sensory swing)

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Platform Swing – Special Needs Indoor Therapy Swing

Indoor Platform Swing - Occupational Therapy Swing - Sensory Integration

Our Indoor Platform Swing allows parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance and motor planning.

An indoor platform swing is an essential tool in sensory integration therapy.

  • Dimensions: 76cm (L) 46cm (W) 5cm (H)

Made from high-quality vinyl, each swing comes with adjustable ropes which easily allow you to adjust the swing height.

The Indoor Platform swing requires two suspension points to attach to.

If you buy a Platform Swing With Adjustable Ropes (sensory swing) online from Siesta Hammocks in Australia we offer fast shipping and delivery to your home anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities.

Sensory swings are an effective tool to sustain and improve our youngster's growth. They are much more effective for children that have sensory demands, SPD, ADHD, or Autism since they function to boost sensory handling. Because of this, they can assist children to relax and obtain the feeling that they desire.

Using our exceptional quality sensory swing set hanging hardware accessories are for use indoor/outdoor, beams, cedar, wood, concrete, and trees to create your child's own playscape.

Whether you simply want to purchase a Platform Swing With Adjustable Ropes (sensory swing) or looking for something to buy for your home, garden, patio, or outdoor settings, Siesta Hammocks has everything you need.