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Queen Size Fernando Hammock

Queen Size Fernando Hammock



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Product Summary:
  • Stylish crocheted fringe
  • Dense colourfast cotton
  • Suits up to 2 people
  • Available in solid red
  • Compatible with frame
  • Weight Capacity: 200kgs
  • Laying Length: 2.0m
  • Central Width: 1.45m
  • Hanging Distance: 3.0m

Put on your tie-dye T-shirt, don some over-the-top sunglasses and turn up the superb sounds of a Jimmy Hendricks guitar solo while lazing on the Queen Size Fernando Hammock.

This top of the range, densely woven hammock, with its look-this-way retro red hues and crocheted edge will have you recreating your very own version of Woodstock.

This superb hammock is made with immaculate attention to detail and quality control, making it one of our very best.

Bundle it up and take it with you to that all-weekend music festival – it will be a coveted chill-out zone in between watching your favourite live acts.

With room enough for two, you’re sure to have great company to relax with. And installation is quick and simple using instructions provided.

Attach it between a couple of sturdy trees (we also sell tree savers to prevent tree damage) or use with one of our lightweight, take-anywhere Hammock Stands or Frames.

See further below for suggested accessories and installation.

Brazil Hammocks are well know for their long standing secret is the tight weave cocoon effect of a hammock.

Need helpful tips? Here are some great articles to help you out selecting or setting up your new hammock:

If you buy a Queen Size Fernando Hammock online from Siesta Hammocks in Australia we offer fast shipping and delivered to your home anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities.

If you have any type of hammock, hammock chairs, hammock stand, freestanding hammocks and hanging hardware accessories enquiries or regarding your purchase, our expert and friendly customer care are right here to assist.

Whether you simply want to purchase a Queen Size Fernando Hammock or looking for something to buy for your home, garden, patio, or outdoor settings, Siesta Hammocks has everything you need. 

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