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We are Australia's largest online retailer of hammocks, hanging chairs and stands.

For years we've sold high-quality and authentic products that have been sourced from countries like Brazil, Mexico and Nicaragua.

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Single Size Siesta Hammock

$108.90 $88.90
(You save $20.00)
2.50 KGS

Product Description

When you feel like going to your own little hideout, cocoon yourself in a Single Size Siesta Hammock.

Hang safely suspended in your very own world, like a caterpillar in retreat. This striking hammock is made of durable, high thread count 100% colour-fast cotton that holds up to 140kg in weight.

It comes with super easy to install, stress-free instructions. Take in the beauty of the bold, multi-coloured patterns – there are six to choose from – as you drift away to your restful afternoon sleep.

Attach it to anything sturdy such as a tree, pergola or wooden beams. Or try it with one of our lightweight, take-anywhere Hammock Stands or Frames.

Emerge rejuvenated and peaceful in that unique way only a hammock can provide. It also makes the perfect gift for the over-tired man, woman or child in your life. And with a 100 day “no questions asked” returns period, you’ve nothing to lose.

See further below for suggested accessories and installation.


Quick Summary

  • Best material sourced from Brazil
  • Dense colourfast cotton
  • Suits one person
  • Choice of 6 patterns
  • Compatible with frame
  • Weight Capacity: 140kgs
  • Laying Length: 2.05m
  • Central Width: 1.5m
  • Hanging Distance: 2.8m

Warranty Information

Freestanding Frames
What Are They?

A freestanding frame is a pre-constructed stand that you can hang your hammock on. No trees. No walls. Our Steel Apex Frame or Adjustable Steel Frame is suitable for this particular product.

Do I Need Any?

It depends on your desired setup. If you want to be able to move your hammock around it is a portable option, rather than a fixed installation. If you use a frame: hook kits, springs or the hanging pack is not needed.

Screw Hooks
What Are They?

Our kit of screw hooks includes 2 strong eye bolts with attached hooks. They are ideal for screwing into timber beams, posts or even thick tree trunks.

Do I Need Any?

If you plan on mounting your hammock between 2 hanging points safely, then yes. Although the hanging pack may be an alternative for you (see further below). They are not needed if you plan to use a freestanding hammock stand or frame.

Hammock Springs
What Are They?

Hammock springs are steel springs that are added to hanging points to provide suspension and extra hanging distance to your hammock.

Do I Need Any?

They are completely optional. They provide extra comfort when shifting your weight around in the hammock, or if you need a bit more hanging distance. They are NOT suitable for use with freestanding hammock stands or frames.

Hammock Company Springs
Hanging Packs
What Are They?

A hanging pack consists of two 4m (13ft) lengths of 8mm thick nylon cord rope with hook attached. Galvanised clamps and figure-8 hooks to adjust the length of the rope required.

Do I Need Any?

They are completely optional. You can avoid damaging your trees from screws and hook kits by just using one. These can be easily hung from a tree or pole, with no knots necessary. They are NOT suitable for use with freestanding hammock stands or frames.

Tree Saver Straps for Hammocks

Other Details

2.05 Metres
Central Width:
1.5 Metres
Weight Capacity:
140 Kilograms

Product Reviews

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  1. Starting to love Hammock!

    Posted by Chris Gatenby on 25th Aug 2014

    Hammock works great! I looked around quite a bit for a good quality hammock and I couldn’t find a reason to spend 2 or 3 times the amount of money for some of the higher priced hammocks. Glad I got this one because it works great!

  2. Worth buying

    Posted by Eliza Martin on 22nd Aug 2014

    I bought this hammock together with a hammock springs since our pergola beams quite far from each other. The experience is lovely me and my wife always hanging out in our Hammock and enjoy the soothing wind coming from the sea. It’s worth it!

  3. Very comfy for the price

    Posted by Alicia Johnson on 22nd Aug 2014

    great for hanging in the yard to read or relax.

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