A Guide to Buying Hammocks Online

A Guide to Buying Hammocks Online

Hammocks are excellent for sleeping and unwinding, whether camping in the woods or just lounging in your backyard. They come in various styles, materials, hues, and dimensions. Few of the most loved designs are the Brazilian hammocks, Mexican hammocks, boho hammocks, and more.

That's great that you've opted to buy a hammock! Hammocks are a terrific purchase since they give adults and kids countless hours of rest and entertainment. You can feel a little like a kid in a candy store when deciding which design to choose from all the options available. You don't want to worry about purchasing a hammock because one aims to promote positive feelings.

The hammock has become the go-to relaxation equipment for many people engaging in serious outdoor activities. It makes for the ideal chill-out area to unwind and take in the stars. Are you contemplating purchasing a hammock? Then there are crucial details and data you require to make the best hammock purchase decision.

Knowing which type of hammock best suits your specific needs will save you from purchasing an expensive hammock that you don't need because there are many various hammock sizes, styles, and additional accessories. We have carefully chosen the material that will help you decide on today's post.

Just for you, Siesta Hammocks has put together this buying a hammock guide.



deluxe king outdoor cotton hammock in maroon


Is there anything more idyllic or calming than daydreaming about lazing in a hammock on a warm night while listening to the soft rustle of leaves and birds chirping? Perhaps the images from your childhood summers bring back pleasant memories, or if you've never taken one of those dreamy outdoor naps, they make you even more eager to purchase your first hammock. Although buying a hammock may seem straightforward, there are several things to consider and several hammock kinds to consider.

There is a design for everyone, with a wide variety of hammocks available. Determining the sort of hammock that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget will be easier once you know the open space. By asking yourself some of the questions listed below, you can help to focus your decision:

How do you intend to use it?

What kind of hammock is best for you will depend on how often you use it and its intended use. If you plan to use it infrequently, you might want to choose a cost-effective alternative. However, if you plan to use it frequently throughout the year, you might want to think about investing in a higher-quality hammock that is much more reliable and last you for many years. Consider solutions that are portable, light, and built of sturdy, weather-resistant materials if you want to bring them on excursions.

How does the rest of your room appear?

Consider the atmosphere you want to create. It will depend on the sort of property you reside in. If a free-standing hammock is going to be a permanent (or semi-permanent) feature in your backyard, balcony, or patio, you'll want to ensure that it blends in with the rest of the space. Also, think about whether you want to go for a calm, laid-back vibe with a subtly woven or neutral-coloured option. With a more colourful, patterned hammock which will bring a splash of colour and warmth to your room, you can also design a set-up that is more lively, enjoyable, and kid-friendly.

Who will use it most often?

Determine who will use it the most regularly next; whether there will be one user at a time or more; whether it will be children or adults. It will determine the size of the hammock and whether you need a narrow double hammock that can accommodate multiple people and up to 500 lbs at once or a single size that can support up to 300 lbs.


Hammock with Stand

Double Size Hammock with Wooden Frame (Oasis)-Not Applicable-Siesta Hammocks

A hammock with a stand is the ideal answer if you've been daydreaming of taking long afternoon naps in a hammock but are unsure how to set one up because your backyard lacks trees, or maybe you don't even have a backyard. It stands alone and is made of a strong metal stand with slings dangling from either end. One of its biggest perks is this specific hammock's ability to move around and set up wherever you like, whether a garden, a patio, or a balcony.

Rope Hammock with Spreader Bar

Large Green Cotton Rope Hammock with Spreader Bar-None-Siesta Hammocks

A woven rope hammock is perhaps the most traditional type of hammock. It may be erected between two trees and is very strong and weatherproof. When someone is lying in the hammock, the spreader bar, typically constructed of wood, helps the roping maintain its shape and stay flat. All you have to do to store it is roll it up, and it will fit neatly into a closet or storage cabinet without taking up much space.

Cloth Hammock with Spreader Bar

Lorne Blue and Natural Striped Hammock with Spreader Bar-Siesta Hammocks

A cloth hammock with a spreader bar is strung from and attached to two trees or poles, just like a rope hammock is. It retains its shape due to the wooden bars at either end, which prevent the fabric from fitting snugly and guarantee optimal comfort. The best choice is a hammock with a waterproof fabric sling because you don't have to think about it getting ruined if you forget about it and leave it outside during a heavy rainstorm. When hammock season is over, and you need to stow it away, or you want to go on vacation, it's simple to roll up.

Non-Spreader Bar Hammock

Multi Colour Double Size Brazilian Hammock with Fringe_multi_colour

The fabric used to develop the hammock is either cotton or polyester. A hammock frame or screws in poles or trees are frequently fastened to the two loops on either ends of the hammock's sling that lack a spreader bar. It's the simplest sort of hammock to store because all you have to do is fold it flat like a sheet or blanket. Plus, it's also simple to keep clean because you can typically wash the fabric on the cool setting in your washing machine.

Double Hammock

Double Size Brazilian Hammock in Blue Lagoon Colour

A double hammock, also known as a two-person hammock, is larger than a conventional hammock and made to support two or more people, who typically weigh between 270 and 500 lbs. The slings are offered with or without stands and in fabric and rope variants with or without spreader bars.

Camping Hammock

Siesta Hanging Hammock Bed Travel Outdoor Camping Tent & Mosquito Net-Siesta Hammocks

As the name implies, this type of hammock is light and portable and made to be taken on travels and while camping. They are often composed of lightweight, weather-resistant material like nylon or polyester, making them quick to wash and dry whether you are at home or on the go.

Hammock Chair

Deluxe Hanging Hammock Chair-Grey-Siesta Hammocks

The hammock chair, sometimes known as an egg chair or a swing chair, is arguably the least well-known of all hammock chair designs. It is a round, woven chair that you can hang off a strong tree branch or a safe screw in the ceiling. Or it's a freestanding chair with an egg shape featuring comfortable cushions hanging off a metal pedestal.



Consider where and how much area you have before placing the hammock there. Although the most typical length for a hammock is 10 feet, they can be as long as 14 feet. You need to have a flat surface like wood or concrete for the free-standing hammock to stand on. It's to make sure that it's level and doesn't tilt in one direction, which could be unsafe and uncomfortable.

You will need two good-sized trees up to 14–15 feet apart if you want a hammock that depends on trees or poles for support. Will there be enough privacy in the specific location you wish to put the hammock? Is there shade there?

Materials Used

Although there are many different designs and materials for hammocks, cotton, waterproof polyester, lightweight nylon, or canvas are the most popular choices. Most can be hand-washed, gently spot-cleaned, or readily cleaned in your washer. You don't have to fret about the hammock spreader bars rotting or collapsing after being repeatedly rained on because they are often constructed of weather-resistant polished wood. Free-standing hammocks feature a metal base with rubber cushioning to prevent slipping and harming the area on which it rests.


The average length of a hammock is 10 feet, but it can vary from 9 to 14 feet long and 4 to 5 feet wide. According to the conventional rule of thumb, you would like it to be at least 2 feet longer than your height. Regarding capacity, a single hammock typically supports up to 400 lbs. A double hammock is wider and can support up to 500 lbs. It often measures up to six feet wide.


Consider the hammock's intended use and location when deciding on its aspects. Opting for a more stylish hammock, such as one delicately woven in the macrame style and has eye-catching tassels, could be a wonderful option if you want to brighten up your patio. Also, if you live in an apartment and can't find a tree to hang your hammock, a stand-up hammock is the way to go! You'll need an incredibly light hammock to transport and waterproof because it dries quickly if you intend to take it on excursions to the mountains wherever you know you'll be trekking, and weather may be an issue.


Buy in a Physical Store

It might be a great idea to buy a hammock in a store if you want to spend a little more on it and plan to use it for a certain activity, like camping. You can then compare multiple models, feel the materials, and see them fully assembled. Any sizable outdoor or sporting goods outlet is a fantastic location to look; you may consider and possibly even try out several different hammock alternatives there.

Buy Online!

Online shopping for a hammock will give you the most options, from standard retailer hammocks to more distinctive, handcrafted ones on websites that sell handcrafted goods. Options range from affordable hammocks with two-day shipping to high-end hammocks made from premium materials and showcasing sleek designs. To ensure you're completely informed, take the time to read reviews and study the return policy, delivery alternatives, and fees.

Siesta Hammocks is one of the leading online hammock shops in Australia! We offer colourful and several kinds of hammocks and hammock chairs you can choose from. Our friendly customer support will help you choose the best piece that fits your needs.

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