Add an Indoor Boho Hammock to Create a Dreamy Boho Interior

Add an Indoor Boho Hammock to Create a Dreamy Boho Interior

We're pretty sure we'll break out in heart-eyes whenever we see a home that nails the casual yet worldly vibe of boho design. This design aesthetic is brought to life thanks to vivid colours, luxurious textures, and foreign flair. If you're uncertain about where to start when creating your boho-style home, begin in your bedroom. Add tasselled pillows, gilded accents, and an indoor boho hammock!

Adding nature-inspired wall art can instantly transform your sleeping quarters into a magical haven. What's even better is that you can add these brilliant gems without leaving the comfort of your couch, at least for the sake of your vacation budget.


We're sure you've seen boho design at some point. It's a colourful, patterned, multi-cultural jumble of unforgettable layers and bits that you can't ignore or dismiss because of its uniqueness. The term "bohemian" describes somebody who is socially unusual and frequently involved in the arts. It makes it an ideal interior design selection for a rich and heady space with plenty of visual curiosities and a laid-back attitude.


A boho bedroom evokes feelings of liberation and relaxation. It transforms into your retreat, with a focus on relaxation and an unrestricted look. You can always utilise elements to embrace bohemian décor, even if your home isn't committed to it. Today, we'd like to focus on the comfort and vibrancy of a boho hammock and stand. It's perfect for any house since no one can resist an element that motivates us to relax while adding more worth to our surroundings!

Colourful, Happy Spirit

Anything goes in a true bohemian spirit! The colourfulness of bohemian décor, which reflects the flexibility of mixing the most brilliant colours you can conceive, is maybe its most defining feature. There are no restrictions to follow, and there is no need to worry about which colours to mix and match.

A feeling of emptiness can be overwhelming in a minimalist white room, but happily, a colourful bohemian hammock functions as a bright accent filling the area.

Regardless matter the size of the space, hammocks are very useful. They always encourage you to relax and unwind on a swaying hammock, especially surrounded by bohemian decor!

A monochrome hammock pulls out the brightest colours in the environment. It brings them out in their brightness and boldness, making for a dynamic but relaxing atmosphere.

Turquoise Marine Double Size Brazilian Hammock with Fringe_outdoor

The most defining trait of bohemian design is its disregard for the rules. Against the vibrant backdrop, this hammock is almost undetectable. Because of the thin material, it contains a tiny transparent component, which makes it one-of-a-kind!

The sunrays will be well-complemented by an orange hammock, which will provide a positive element to your decor. The boho hammock's tassels hang from both sides, adding dynamism!


Boho Hanging Hammock


Opt for a Boho Hanging Hammock Chair For Limited Spaces

A Boho Hanging Hammock Chair is a terrific solution when we don't have a lot of space but yet want to unwind in a hammock. It gives our home a hippie flair and comfort while providing us with a hammock without asking us to give up most of our living space!

In an empty and airy space, a focal point is essential, and the bohemian hanging hammock chair is great! It creates a welcoming and free-spirited environment that may be used in any home!

A boho hammock chair looks great in a bright and oriental space! Even though it is not a long hammock, it dominates the area and looks like the essential component in the room.

A well-decorated pastel space can benefit from a touch of the bohemian attitude to liven it up! A hammock hanging chair, especially when paired with colourful cushions, complements such a setting!


Boho Hanging Hammock Chair


In a bohemian setting, black has a place! Take a look at this stunning black hammock chair with crochet fringe, which conveys both elegance and rebelliousness!

Colourful hammock chairs in a variety of hues ranging from vibrant red to cooler blue tints provide so much variation to the space that it never gets dull or boring.


Colourful hammock


This hammock chair is smooth to the touch and offers complete relaxation thanks to the thick yarn, and its white hue contrasts beautifully with the bright sequin cushions. The entire set lends a distinctly bohemian vibe to any environment.

Put the hammock chair in the room's middle to make it the focal point and the component that defines the space. With the addition of string lights, you may increase your visibility!


net hammock


A nett hammock chair raised high off the ground is the ideal reading area with a panoramic view of the entire room. Pick some stunning oriental cushions to go with it!

Minimalist Feels

Bohemian inspiration might make us want to fill our home with bright hues, but it can also make us want to find methods to replicate the freedom of a simple design. A white bohemian hammock is the best example of how those two (apparently opposing) characteristics may be combined.


bohemian hammock


A simple hammock is a remarkable balancing feature in a place that strongly radiates bohemian tendencies while still allowing the room to feel uncontrolled and casual!

A bohemian hammock should be comfy first and foremost. That's the most crucial aspect, which is why it is so important in our home. If you choose a light white hammock, you can easily combine it with other boho elements!

A hammock in a neutral colour can have a calming impact in the space, but the large fringe with tassels makes it a decor feature that embodies both relaxation and joy!


simple hammock


A simple addition ideal for every home is a thin hammock that does not dominate the area but rather stands to the side and integrates beautifully with the bohemian surroundings!

It's all about the extra value when it comes to hammocks. They're designed to improve the space's appearance and atmosphere. Choose a minimalist boho hammock and boldly display it on your front porch to emphasise its comfort and beauty.

Lifting ourselves off the earth has its allure; it makes us feel untouchable and secure in our little cocoon. A hammock is not only a lovely addition to your home's design, but it also serves as a pleasant "relaxation station."

A hammock that doesn't stick out too much but adds the ideal carefreeness to a large and airy environment is required!

There's something about hammocks that immediately conjure up summer and vacation images. With a white boho chic hammock, you may feel like you're on vacation all year!




One thing that distinguishes hammocks is that they may be used both outside and inside. When placed outside, they instantly add an unexpected sense of cosiness and a bohemian element to your space!

Decorate your balcony in true bohemian style by creating a calm environment with a beautiful hammock as the focal point!

A white hammock with a nett fringe has a powerful minimalist design that may not appear very bohemian, but trust us when we say that if you decide to relax for a few minutes, you will experience the boho notions of ease and freedom deeply.


Boho Decor Represents a Nomadic Lifestyle

Boho decor is a fantastic expression of who you are if you dream of travelling around the world and getting lost in nature. Travellers bringing them back from India and the Far East popularised boho prints in the 1960s and 1970s. Boho decor will offer that nomadic lifestyle into your home, whether you've travelled the world or only dream about it.

Gives Off Uplifting Spirit

Evaluate how you feel when you enter a doctor's office with a clinical design. It's more likely to make you feel worse than better. Boho décor has a wonderful uplifting quality to it. You can find positive vibes within the rainbow of hues and bold designs. It's no surprise that many spas and massage parlours choose to decorate in a boho style because of this.

No Design Limitations!

The nicest part about boho décor is that there are no rules! There are no colour palettes, texture limitations, or anything like that! So if you want a lot of prints, textures, and just about anything under the sun, a boho-themed house is the perfect place for you! When it comes to bohemian, more is usually better. So go ahead and throw stuff up on your walls and revel in the haphazard yet attractive look.

Creative and Artistic

The Oxford dictionary defines "bohemian" as "a person, such as an artist or writer, who exists and behaves without regard for traditional rules and practise." Boho home design is influenced by the artistic aspect of the boho movement. Exotic, intricate prints are works of art in and of themselves and, when properly designed, can serve as an inspiring creative area.

You can also find the artistic and unique elements of boho décor in how the items are manufactured or purchased. Vintage, handcrafted, imported, and flea market finds frequently found in boho homes.


Boho décor has become quite popular in recent seasons due to fashion's comeback of everything Seventies. So, if you're searching for a quick and easy approach to updating the style of your home, bohemian is the way to go!

Gives Off Summer and Holiday Vibes

Even though fall is approaching quicker than a freight train, that doesn't mean our houses have to become drab and cold. Summer is all year in a room with a bohemian design. With lovely Mediterranean designs in an abundance of white and snorkel blue, get transported away to the Greek islands. Alternatively, saree prints, exquisite stitching, and beautiful embellishments can transport you to India's scorching heat. In a nutshell, boho décor transports you to a destination you can't afford to visit!


The nostalgic impression of boho and hippy style decor is pleasant. It only takes a few paisley prints and earthy browns to transfer yourself to the tranquil 1970s. We live in a post-modern, hyper-fast-paced society plagued by terrorism, mental disease, and environmental destruction. Boho design transports us to a less frightening point in history.


Hammock Hammock Chair Boho Hammock Hanging Chair | Etsy Australia | Bedroom  design, Bohemian bedroom decor, Bedroom decor

Simple Base

For every bohemian style space, begin with a simple base colour to lay a firm foundation. Choosing a neutral base lets you layer on expressive colour and pattern for the perfect blend without being overpowering and noisy. Warm, earthy tones provide the ideal canvas.

Add Plants

Plants are an inexpensive and easy-to-find way to create a relaxed vibe while also adding dimension to a room, so botanicals fit perfectly with the bohemian style. Plants also serve a dual purpose of purifying the air and adding a splash of colour without detracting from the rest of the design or confusing the eye.

Layer Different Patterns

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to master bohemian style while adding a luxurious flavour to any space is to layer patterns that are alike. From clashing patterned rugs to colourful cushions and throws, including a variety of patterns is essential.

Add Low-Lying Pieces Like a Boho Hammock

It may seem unusual, but the closer you are to the floor, the closer you're to establishing a true bohemian home. Find low couches with lots of soft, comfortable throw pillows and neighbouring pouffes for extra seating.

Don't Be A Minimalist

More is more about bohemian style décor because the aesthetic is all about extreme maximalism rather than empty surfaces and blank spaces. Keep your boho living room décor full of selected finds, but our designers recommend a more pared-down approach for a bohemian style bedroom.

Add Different Colors

Bright colours and vivid hues come to mind when we think about boho design. When it comes to opulent boho interior design, from pinks to purples to oranges and greens, the bolder, the better.

Layer, Layer, Layer

In the bohemian style, layer on decorative items and textiles, including rugs or throw pillows, since the boho style is all about layering. For a rich statement, layer two or more rugs in contrasting styles and patterns. Layers of cushions and rugs perfectly punctuate the relaxing atmosphere of bohemian decor.

Add Accessories

Again, your accessories should make you appear well-travelled. Artistic items will add interest to your warm surroundings and provide cultural conversation starters. Make a statement with unique and creative works out of the ordinary.


There's no better place to find the best boho hammock finds in Australia than Siesta Hammocks. We offer different colours and styles of bohemian hammocks that will fit your style and current interior design.

Please browse through our collection of hammock, hammock chair, boho hammock and stand, and more!


Keeping your boho hammock in tip-top condition not only ensures its longevity but also helps maintain the vibrant aesthetics of your boho bedroom. Be sure to clean your hammock regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions, which often involve gentle hand washing or a delicate machine wash cycle. It's also essential to avoid excessive sun exposure that can cause the hammock's colors to fade over time. During inclement weather or when not in use, consider storing your hammock indoors to protect it from potential damage.


There's no denying the allure of a boho bedroom with a colourful hammock that evokes a sense of tranquility, freedom, and aesthetic richness. It's a perfect embodiment of the bohemian ethos that values creativity, vibrancy, and a relaxed lifestyle. Whether you opt for a boho hammock bed or a hanging hammock chair, you're sure to experience the liberating, cozy, and unique atmosphere it brings to your space. Remember, there are no rules to follow in boho design, so let your imagination run free and make your space truly your own. Enjoy the journey of creating your dreamy boho haven!

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