Cane Chairs are Back in Style!

Cane Chairs are Back in Style!

Despite never truly fading from style, caned furniture, with its distinctive weaving pattern, is currently being utilized in interior design projects across the nation, adding texture and the perfect dose of vintage charm. The material, used in both modern and vintage furniture, can lend almost any item a lighter, cozier aesthetic. In addition, it boasts a classic appearance, is affordable, and is highly suited to hot weather. Cane hanging chairs are the perfect piece of furniture for aesthetics and relaxation!

Indeed, furniture design has long been a standard in homes, especially in hot or tropical countries. Unlike wooden furniture, which is prone to warping and decay when exposed to humidity or heat over extended periods, rattan furniture is made of a woven fabric formed from rattan stalks. The light, airy fabric also encourages airflow, making it ideal for lounging on a hot summer day.



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Traditional garden furniture is made of cane. Cane doesn't conduct body heat, making it softer and warmer to sit on than metal. For use in a natural environment, it's a raw material. Generous and supple in colour, the cane is easily bent into graceful curves. Another characteristic of cane furniture is its lightweight, which is advantageous while moving furniture but problematic in windy weather. Benches, tables, and seats are all made of cane.

The main problem with cane garden furniture is how long it will last. The cane will last a long time outside if it is sufficiently ventilated. It's kept supple and doesn't crack because of moisture. As a result, many people store cane furniture during the winter and leave it outside during the summer.

Another option is to apply a wood preservative to the cane. Some cane furniture is sold ready to use outside after being pre-treated. The unprocessed cane used in other pieces of furniture is primarily meant for use in conservatories. The paint makes the chair look nice, but it doesn't do anything to make it rot-resistant.

In reality, bamboo and rattan are two different plants from which the substance known as "cane" is derived.

  • A tall, woody grass, bamboos. Bamboo is a sturdy, lightweight material. In its life, a single bamboo clump can yield 15 kilometers of useful cane.
  • The climbing palm rattan is a member of the Calamus genus. In Southeast Asian woods, rattan grows naturally. It has long stems with several joints frequently used to create "cane" furniture. It is primarily gathered by women and children, preserving the rattan-growing woods and generating cash for the underprivileged.

Southeast Asia is where the rattan plant naturally grows as a vine. The rattan plant yields both rattan and cane. The thinner fiber left over after stripping the rattan plant is known as cane.

The rattan core is steamed and thinly cut to create various furniture shapes. While the cane is left in its naturally circular shape, rattan is frequently treated and painted. Cane is commonly used for binding because it has greater strength than rattan and is more durable. Traditionally, the cane is woven into a variety of webbed designs. As a general rule, the cane is used in furniture with thin, woven accents, such as those found on cabinet doors or the backs of chairs.


Beyond its beauty, furniture made of cane is desirable for many other factors.

  • They make the space feel spacious and light.
  • It complements environmentally efficient interior and outside architecture.
  • They permit sound and signal to pass through cabinet doors, which is great if you want to conceal cable boxes, routers, or sound bases that don't look the best.
  • They are a great material for kid's rooms because they are lightweight.



cane hanging chair maintenance


The best advice for maintaining the appearance of cane and other natural materials is to keep them clean and clear of dirt and grime. Typically, you can get away with simply wiping it down with a moist towel, but if it's dirty, you may clean it with wood soap or mild soap in warm water. To avoid it sagging, be careful not to use too much water and dry it well. You shouldn't worry too much about maintenance because materials like cane, rattan, and wicker are highly resilient.

Keep cane furniture out of places with intense heat and low humidity.

The cane could dry out, grow brittle, and break due to these circumstances. Avoid places like heater ducts and intense sunshine as well. Keeping the air moist yet not too dry in the winter might be especially beneficial.

Maintain cane furniture in spotless, dirt- and dust-free condition.

Use a soft cloth or bristle brush, and clean unclean or grimy cane in warm water with a light detergent-type wood soap. Be careful not to let the water damage the wood's surface. To prevent mould and mildew from growing, which would harm and taint the cane, thoroughly rinse the seat and let it dry naturally on a warm, breezy day. The cane will expand in shape if you sit on the chair for longer than 48 hours.

Get rid of any mould or mildew on your cane chair.

If you see any mold or mildew, clean your cane furniture with a strong bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution diluted in warm, soapy water. If you notice only a few small spots, you may opt to remove them using hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip swab.

Follow the advice in this tip sheet to maintain a moderate humidity level to prevent mold growth and mildew. Then, on a windy, warm day, thoroughly rinse and dry outside. Be cautious not to pour the bleach solution on the nearby wooden frame components, and promptly wipe out any wooden surfaces.

Avoid keeping or using cane furniture in moist or high-humidity regions where mould and mildew growth could be an issue.

Avoid placing furniture in basements, crawl spaces, close to a wall, or on a porch pressed against a home wall where it won't get enough air circulation.

Make sure the seat is evenly loaded.

A cane seat is made to support a person's weight equally spread throughout its surface, not concentrated weight like a knee or foot. Therefore, never kneel on a cane chair or make it a step stool or ladder. The cane strands will break. As a result, it necessitates an early reweaving of the seat.

It is recommended that you utilise a chair pad or cushion.

Big cane chairs with a seating diameter bigger than 14 inches fall under this category. The cane will last longer since the cushion will uniformly distribute the weight and relieve the strain on the individual strands.


Cane is undoubtedly one interior design theme that has been a mainstay in homes for a while, and it shows no signs of leaving. One of the earliest techniques used in craftsmanship is cane weaving. Rattan is sustainably harvested to produce cane furniture, and the bark is then sliced into thin strips and woven into patterns and motifs for various furniture items.


Recently, there has been a shift towards producing and buying environmentally friendly home decor. The significance of living and sustainability are being emphasised more and more.

As part of a global movement towards more mindfully manufactured commodities, whether food, apparel, home goods, or consumables, cane chairs are coming back. As a result, handmade, eco-friendly products are more famous than mass-produced, industrial ones in the furniture and home décor industries.

Cane not only has a smaller carbon footprint but also looks fantastic. Due to its retro appeal and friendlier to the environment, the cane is preferred by young couples entering new homes.


There has also been an increase in furniture companies working to restore and recreate craft-based production to help them remain relevant in the modern world. Cane furniture honours the artisanal skill of cane weaving and is deeply rooted in the idea of sustainability.

These pieces, which toyed with shapes and perspectives, were made with an innate concern for artistry and the surroundings. A cane chair offers the ideal fusion in today's world of spreading awareness for regional crafts and transient materials.

Universal Appeal


cane hanging chair indoors


Any free space will benefit from the cane's blending and enhancing effects. There is a method of making the cane furniture trend function for each area, regardless of whether you are designing the next great maximalist space or have maintained your penchant for simplicity. We believe that the best environments should feature materials that naturally patina with time and get better with age. We work through and forwards.

Timeless Aesthetic

The timeless weave of woven cane is immediately recognisable and will always be fashionable. Wicker will not go out of style because it is neutral in both colour and texture. The appeal of these elements is that you can overlay them with different other materials to create a more modern effect or contrast them with bright colours to create a playful look.

Additionally, 'Mid-Century Modern' design is ageless, always current, and closely linked to cane furniture. The irony, however, is that instead of the traditional hand-woven cane webbing that artisan-based workshops like us weave, most cane furniture manufactured in Europe today is constructed using machine-woven, mass-produced cane webbing.


Cane's durability is one of its other USPs. With a varnish or paint application every three years, cane furniture lasts for 10-15 years.

Cane sofas are perfect for outdoor furniture and sunrooms. Any lawn can be made more dazzling by adding hand-woven wicker center tables with glass tops and lightweight lounge chairs. The newest design for sit-outs is wicker. Today, wicker furniture is available in white and various colours in addition to the typical timber hues.

Cane furniture gives small areas a lovely, cosy appearance when combined with ambient lighting and warm wall colours. Compared to wooden and linear minimalist modular furniture, they have a distinctly ethnic appearance.


Additionally, unlike wood furniture, cane allows for creating custom forms and shapes.

Cane continues to draw urban purchasers looking for something special and distinctive for their homes since it is ethnic, elegant, and earthy. In addition to traditional patterns, modern designs that can be custom-made by city-based cane furniture producers are included in the international catalogs. And it is a blessing for the relocating family.



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There's no better time to buy a beautiful piece of caned furniture like cane hanging chairs from Siesta Hammocks for your home or a complete collection this season. Our products will undoubtedly be revered classics in 50 years.

The caned surface of the pieces creates a subtle patterned shade over the furnished room while allowing air and light to pass through the furniture.

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