Chammocks! A Comfortable Hammock & Chair Hybrid

Chammocks! A Comfortable Hammock & Chair Hybrid

You are probably thinking “what on earth is a Chammock?” Well, imagine the very best components of a hammock, made in the way of chair. Chammocks are versatile and space-saving options for relaxing in any outdoor or indoor location. What’s more, they still provide the same comfortable feel as a full-size hammock, but in a more upright, seated design. While both have their advantages, there are certain times when a chammock is the better option to go with.

Mexican hammock chair in cream

Why Chammocks are Perfect for You

1. Cost-Effective Relaxation

Chammocks, despite their high-quality craftsmanship, are typically more affordable than regular hammocks. If you're working within a budget, choosing a chammock could be an economical yet valuable choice, offering you or a loved one a unique chance to relax without straining your finances.

2. Relaxation and Focus

Rather than prompting you to take a nap, chammocks invite you to relax and focus. They create the perfect ambiance for spending a leisurely day or concentrating on work or university assignments in optimum comfort. You might also simply want to soak in some spring sunshine. With a chammock, the choice is yours.

Ideal Settings for Chammocks:

Space-Saving Solution

Faced with limited space? Chammocks come to the rescue. These relaxing havens are a perfect fit for front porches, small patios, indoor dens, bedrooms, crowded decks, and even for hanging from a small shade tree in your yard.

A Parents' Delight

If you're a parent, chammocks serve as an ideal platform for multitasking, allowing you to keep an eye on the kids while you unwind. But remember, amidst all that comfort, don’t let it lull you into drifting off!

Chammocks and Therapeutic Use

Support for Special Needs

100 cm blue and green hangout nest

Chammocks, along with full-size hammocks, have gained popularity in the realm of occupational therapy. They have proven to be effective tools for treating many children with special needs, including autism. The swinging motion and adequate support from a hammock chair make it a safe and beneficial tool for sensory integration. This aids children in achieving normal developmental milestones, soothing them and making their therapy a fun experience. And to top it all, they're available in an array of appealing colours!

Siesta Chammocks are Easy to Install

Looking for a relaxing corner that's easy to set up? Look no further than chammocks. Their installation is straightforward and requires only a tree limb, porch joist, or chair stand for outdoor settings. For indoor spaces, a ceiling joist or stand will do the job.


Visit the Siesta Hammocks website to learn more about these essential accessories for hanging and enjoying your chammock. Our team is available to chat and answer any queries seven days a week, during regular business hours. Explore the comfort and convenience of a chammock, the best of a hammock and chair in one!

Browse the Siesta Hammocks website for the details on these accessories for hanging and enjoying “chammocks.” If you have any questions, we’re here to chat 7 days per week, between normal business hours.

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