Double Hammock: The Fun Way To Enjoy Camping

Double Hammock: The Fun Way To Enjoy Camping

Everybody Loves a Double Hammock

As children, we were all fond of hammocks, despite the mild challenge of figuring out how to climb into them. Fast forward to today, and hammocks have been redefined as a versatile alternative to conventional tent shelters for outdoor adventures, particularly in Western cultures. Let’s delve into the top 5 reasons you might want to swap your tent for a comfortable cocoon between the trees:

double parachute camping hammock

A Better Sleep

Multiple studies have demonstrated that the gentle rocking motion of a double hammock not only lulls individuals to sleep faster but also results in deeper, more restful slumber. Researchers at the University of Geneva found that adults sleeping on a rocking bed experienced an increase in sleep spindles, brainwaves believed to soothe sleepers in noisier environments.

Lighter Equipment

What sets hammocks apart from tents? No poles! The absence of poles makes even the most robust, weather-resistant hammocks lighter than comparable tents. Most high-quality double hammocks weigh less than 1 lb.!

Good For Your Body

Initially, sleeping on your back in a hammock might seem uncomfortable, but those who've transitioned from tent to hammock camping report significant improvements in both comfort and health. Elevated feet can reduce swelling, and the hammock’s gentle curvature can subtly stretch your back muscles, enhancing your overall wellbeing. The slight elevation of the upper body also promotes optimal brain circulation and facilitates efficient airflow while sleeping.

Finding The Perfect Campsite

Your only real limitation to a hammock is finding two trees, and on the west coast, we don’t see this being a huge issue any time soon. There is no more worrying about uneven ground or rocks and roots digging into your back all night that you didn’t notice before.

“When there are bugs and mangroves, sleeping in a netted hammock is essential” – Russell Henry

Just for Fun

Just as we loved hammocks as children, nothing says ‘summer is here’ like stringing a hammock up in the park or even on your lunch break and hanging out for a while.

Even if you still love camping in a tent you have to admit, swinging slowly back and forth under a canopy of trees on a warm summer afternoon is something that can bring a smile to all of our faces – especially if it is a double hammock and shared with a special someone.

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Hammocks have advanced to new degrees of comfort, allowing you to sleep comfortably in the great outdoors and wake up refreshed. With so many hammocks to choose from, it's easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

Gathered-End Hammock

mosquito camping hammock bed

The material is bunched at each end of these traditional hammocks. They're often inexpensive and wonderful for lounging, but a double hammock in this form won't give you a good night's sleep because there's not much room for maneuvering, and you risk being engulfed by the hammock's sides.

Asymmetrical Hammock

The asymmetrical shape lets you lay diagonally and gives you additional space at the head and feet.

Spreader Bar Hammock

outdoor large spreader bar hammock with pillow

The wooden spreader bar at either end allows for different head and foot space and a flatter laying position.

90-Degree Hammock

The suspension runs along the side of the hammock so that you may lay horizontally. However, it requires a stand to set up, and getting in and out can be difficult.

Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs are a nice and soothing spot to hang out, but it's not the best place to sleep!

3-point Anchor Camping Hammock

The 3-point anchor mechanism offers a taut, flat hammock floor that supports your entire body.


Is a double hammock comfortable?

If you set up everything correctly, it will be simple to pass the time or sleep through the night. Some double hammocks include two independent sleeping bays, each supported by an anti-roll mechanism to prevent rolling into the middle and a taut construction that supports your entire body. If you're camping in a cooler region, an inflatable mattress will keep the cool air out of the hammock's bottom.

Can two people sleep in a single hammock?

It's not a good idea! All hammocks have a load capacity, and two people should never climb into a single hammock, especially while hung because it might be dangerous if it collapses!

Is there a way to stay dry in a double hammock?

You can hang a tarp, mosquito netting, bags, and other items you want to keep off the ground from a ridgeline that runs over the top of your hammock between anchor points.

How do I hang a double hammock while camping?

Depending on the hammock, you may receive additional equipment such as carabiners and tree straps as part of the package. If you desire a gathered end or an asymmetrical hammock, hang it with a 1-foot sag in the middle. Always keep in mind your position since depending on which hammock you choose, you'll need two or three trees, but you can also get creative and use a post, fence, or car as an anchor point, or even a hammock stand.

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