Level Up Your Deck Starting With A Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

Kickstart your journey to an enchanting outdoor sanctuary with a hanging rope hammock chair!

A hanging rope hammock chair is the ultimate in relaxation. You can place it almost anyplace in and around your home, including your deck. You may make a hanging sanctuary outside on a tree limb or in your bedroom with the correct tools. You'll be able to relax in elegance and comfort at home once you understand how to set up your hammock chair correctly.


Thick Cotton Mexican Hammock Chair (Oceanica)-Siesta Hammocks

Everyone is crazy with outdoor hanging egg chairs — it's a trend that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, but we're starting to think it has to be taken up a notch. The hanging rope chair is introduced.

If your decking area has a standing pergola, it's the ideal spot for a swinging chair or a tiny hammock (now that's taking it to the next level!). It's like a cosy macrame cocoon, perfect for curling up with a nice book and a glass of your favourite libation.

Simply wonderful and simple to attain, make sure your chair is placed professionally and securely before climbing in. Siesta Hammocks has a few different models that exude bohemian style for your decking, and they come in a variety of price points.


Knotted Melati Chair


egg chair


This handcrafted hanging hammock chair has a dainty and feminine style that works well in practically any area thanks to its complex macrame design and versatile, neutral hue. Furthermore, the strong iron frame assures that people of all sizes will be comfortable.

Macrame Swing Hammock


camping hammock chair patio swing hammocks portable cotton rope cream


This beautiful macrame standout piece is composed of hypoallergenic, organic fibres and can withstand up to 330 pounds loads. It also looks oh-so-romantic, whether you hang it indoors or out.

Brazilian Hammock Rope Chair


thick cotton Mexican chair colorina


This hammock chair is made of soft but robust colourfast cotton and is built to last for years of lounging. It's also said to feel downright dreamy, with a sense of weightlessness ideal for an afternoon nap.

Porch Swing


hammock swing chair cream


It's the swing for anyone who has fantasised about levitating in a Papasan chair. This boho beauty has a wicker and rattan frame and a stable and comfortable hammock-style seat. You can add a throw cushion and a nice book to the mix and let this darling rock you to ecstasy.

Garden Swing Chair

This type of swing chair looks very much like a hanging bed. It has beautiful macrame design and an extra-plush pillow that will make you feel like you're sitting in the lap of luxury.


The first step to hammock enjoyment is locating the sweet spot. For optimum serenity and comfort, where do you hang your hammock chair? Examine your surroundings to determine if any of the following suggestions will work:

  • Sturdy tree branches
  • Covered porch/deck ceilings
  • Solid arbour main post (minimum 4x4)

Don't be concerned if you don't see any of these options after scanning your home. You may still enjoy hammock chair bliss with the help of a hammock chair stand! Hammock stands have the extra benefit of being utilised both indoors and outside, bringing up a whole new world of hammock swinging possibilities!

Using A Rope to Hang Hammock Chair Steps

  1. Find a strong, free-standing beam, such as a substantial tree branch or an arbour structure.
  2. Wrap rope around the beam or branch to secure the hammock chair, either looping the rope through the hammock eye and tying a knot or using a carabiner attached to the rope and hammock. We recommend using a string rated to carry at least 1000 pounds for safety.


Arrange a cosy outdoor lounge

When you think about it, designing your home's exterior is quite similar to decorating your interior, and you may apply similar decorating rules. When you think of the garden, or certain portions of the garden, as 'rooms,' it becomes easier to get the ideal appearance and feel for the space, and the process becomes more doable.

When you furnish and design a decked area near the back of the home with appropriate furnishings, it soon becomes an outdoor living place. A garden sofa with comfortable (weather-resistant) seating, an outdoor rug, and shower-resistant cushions rapidly creates a relaxing spot in the yard. Use decorations and plant pots in the same colour scheme to tie everything together. Rustic oranges and deep browns, such as those seen here, go well with terracotta and olive plants.

Set Up a Succulent Garden

If you're building a deck from the ground up, you'll benefit from deciding where you want to put some planting beds. It's quite simple and effective to incorporate planters and flower beds into decking. Decking's increased height provides adequate depth for planting various plants - start filling with compost and soil and grow your prefered species.

Planting succulents, herbs, and other alpine plants is a simple way to add low-maintenance greenery that looks trendy and stylish while also taking care of itself. If you already have a deck, cut away sections of decking to create openings — along the outside is best, but a centre bed may make a statement. Just make sure any spaces you make are out of the path of people's feet, so they don't get stepped on.

Have a Garden Bar

Even if you don't have a garden that overlooks a river or lake, integrating some garden bar concepts into your decking décor is good. Many of us prefer to wine and dine in our yard now that entertaining at home is fashionable. Please remove the ice-filled plastic tubs and substitute them with your tiki bar, custom-built into your decking area.

You could construct your own out of off-cuts of wood and old palettes with a little inspiration, but if DIY isn't your thing, there are plenty of ready-made options to choose from.

Create a Breakfast Nook

Warm croissants, fresh juice, and aromatic hot coffee served on your garden's sunny decking are a wonderful way to start the day. When you think of dining al fresco in the garden, the first thing that comes to mind is usually nighttime barbecues. However, think outside the box and utilise your decking space at different times of the day.

Consider where the sun shines when selecting where to place the furniture. Before midday, an east-facing position will be bathed with wonderful sunshine, ideal for a sunny breakfast, whereas a west-facing spot is preferable for evening eating. Don't dismiss a location because it lacks the "prefered" sun direction; you'll find that every area is ideal at varying times of the day.

Use Bright Colours

Most of the time, decking is one of numerous natural colours of brown, grey, green, or black. While providing some warmth and a connection to nature, the lack of vibrant colour might detract from the cheeriness of a space. Make amends by using strong, vibrant colours to decorate the decking area.

Set Up An Outdoor Cinema

Creating an outdoor theatre is a great way to add some decking to your yard and a great way to spend a warm summer evening. Make a comfortable seating area for you and your friends by covering an area of your decking with a cosy outdoor rug and many blankets on fold-up and cushions in garden chairs.

You may produce a makeshift screen by stringing a white sheet together and pulling it taut so you can project a movie onto it using one of the many home projectors.



deluxe thick cotton Mexican hammock chair in maroon


Hammock chairs are the epitome of leisure, and you can use them practically everywhere in your home. You can create a hanging sanctuary on a tree limb or in your bedroom with the right tools. Once you know how to set up your hammock chair properly, you'll be able to relax in style and comfort at home.

Buy the best hammock hanging rope chair in Australia from Siesta Hammocks! Please browse through our wide collection of hammocks, chairs, hammock stands, and more.

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