Make the Most Romantic Valentine's Date with Hammocks, Hammock Chairs, and Sensory Swings

Make the Most Romantic Valentine's Date with Hammocks, Hammock Chairs, and Sensory Swings

We're here to offer you some guidance when it comes to choosing gifts for your loved one other or truly for anyone you love: experiencing presents is the best gift to give and to receive.

We cherish experiences long after most gifts are consumed or stored, whether a weekend getaway to an Airbnb, a cooking lesson, a sunset ferry ride, or a surprise gathering with all your pals.

But what if you were able to give a present that goes even further—the gift of countless future experiences rather than just one specific experience? 

It's simpler than you might imagine, dear reader. Use hammocks! It seems possible to go on a date while relaxing in a hammock! That is correct! Nothing extravagant or time-consuming, just you and your spouse hanging out.

That sounds like a badass plan. We believed it. However, you might need clarification about how you express your affection while relaxing in a luxurious hammock. No problem! Here is a selection of indoor and outdoor Valentine's Day date ideas you can enjoy while swinging and cuddling.


Australia's chilly February weather might make it difficult to enjoy a winter deck, so make it cosier with soft pillows, blankets, and rugs. Consider flannel, fleece, wool, or cashmere for a luxuriant touch.

Do you have space for a hammock for two lovers to relax in? What about sensory swings or a cosy hammock chair? A firepit, portable space heater, chiminea, or portable heating pad are all excellent options for providing outdoor heating.

The winds in February can be chilly. Make your deck feel more private and intimate by putting on a windscreen or curtains.

Adding a pergola to your deck or building a covered area can make the area cosier and give you somewhere to put curtains and lighting. Cuddle up!


Never underestimate the power of hugs.

Hammock dates keep you close and ready for loving arms wrapped around each other. Even if a hug only lasts a few seconds or, at most, a few minutes, it has unfathomable power. An international study has confirmed that touch is essential to humans and releases feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin. The hormone that makes people want to cuddle is oxytocin. It lessens hostility, fear, and stress while boosting cohesion.

The hormone serotonin is known as the "happy hormone." The messenger material interacts with specific receptors in our body and impacts, among other things, the contraction of the blood vessels. It produces a general state of happiness that is challenging to describe. When we cuddle, our heart rates drop, our breathing shallows, and we relax. Furthermore, heat is exchanged, which can improve well-being, particularly during the colder seasons. Anybody who receives a hug feels safe and loved or gets consolation. Contrarily, this also implies that those who must live without any physical contact with others for an extended period may experience both mental and physical suffering. You have an advantage if you have someone special to cuddle with.


It's a really good question. As per Siesta Hammocks' experts, any extended period spent hanging out with your significant other in a hammock has conducted extensive research on what makes a hammock date. Romantic, right?

It's simple to make a date more enjoyable than simply swinging around with your crush. You can do various things in a hammock, like eat, drink, chat, sleep, listen to music, watch a film on your phone, and much more!

A simple hammock date consists of hanging out with your significant other. Simple, enjoyable, and unwinding



A hammock is a gift that keeps on giving, allowing for a lifetime of unforgettable experiences to be shared with loved ones.

Hammocks promote relaxation, discovery, and future hammock dates. Giving your significant other a hammock for Valentine's Day, a milestone anniversary, or a birthday will make them feel special and eager to try out your new favorite activity.

Siesta Hammocks have compiled your next-date options with your brand-new hammock to help you get some inspiration:

Hammock Picnic

There's no need to look all over to find a spot where the ground is flat and soft where you may set up your upcoming picnic.

A great pair of trees, a speaker, some beer or wine, and a cheese platter make for a more enjoyable picnic.

Backyard Date

Do you need more budget or help to make time for a romantic night? This one is near. Why go to the park if you can play in the backyard?

Take your hammock, chair, or sensory swing outside to the backyard. Put it up between two trees, and unwind for a great (and inexpensive) at-home date night idea! Watch a movie with a projector and get some popcorn for more entertainment! You can create a new favorite area for reading books, enjoying time with loved ones, and unwinding after work by erecting a hammock sanctuary in your backyard.

Camping Trip

Why not add a relaxing hammock to the already romantic experience of camping? All you need to do is add some romantic touches, and you're done! Since we've previously written articles on hammock camping that detail how enjoyable it can be, this is one of our favourite Valentine's Day date ideas.

Use your hammock as your ultimate under-the-stars deluxe bed to substantially reduce the gear you need to bring camping. Camping in a hammock offers a new perspective on the outdoors and camping.

Pro-Tip: Since only some enjoy camping dates, this is an excellent opportunity to find out if your partner is the correct one for you.

Enjoy a Drive-In Movie Date

What makes Valentine's Day even better? An excuse for cheesy, romantic comedy movies! Who requires a car for a drive-in movie date when you have your hammock around? Bring your tablet or laptop wherever you go and enjoy the outdoors while you watch your favourite movie or binge the newest Netflix series.

Hammock Vacation

The best thing about owning a portable hammock is you want to take it everywhere. Receiving a hammock as a gift would inspire you to book that beach getaway after all!

Sitting around palm trees has always been pleasant, but lounging in a hammock in the middle of them is much better.

Spontaneous Adventure

Sometimes the greatest location for your hammock is just about anywhere.

What do you give an adventurous person as a Valentine's Day gift? A TIME, that's what it is! Finding a nice outdoor location close to you is advised. It could be a park, an urban area, a lake, the beach, a river, an overlook, or somewhere else in your community where you can explore. Bring food, supplies, and anything else you'll need to explore. Your hammock will be there when you're finished, welcoming you with open arms and soothing vibrations.

Find the greatest spots to hang out together by exploring your hometown. The new seating in the park is a hammock. Hammocking is a way of life that favours (and attracts) daring couples.

Have Fun at Festivals

Are you planning to watch a performance, event, or carnival? The only thing that can top attending a concert or festival with a loved one is to do so in the cosy embrace of a hammock. Here, hammocks are necessary.

We've seen hammocks at EDM events, drive-in movies, and even huge carnivals too many times to list. They make for the ideal hammock date to end the night with because they are a gentle, affordable way to relax your feet after a big day of fun.


Set the Mood with Lights

Tea lights in votives or mason jars can be placed around the deck to create a romantic ambiance. Taller candlesticks or pillar candles should be placed on the table. On windy nights, jars and lanterns are useful for containing the flame; you may also use flameless candles.

Add lights to neighbouring trees and plants to add a little magic, or string lights along the deck rails or dangle them overhead for a pleasant glow. Lanterns create a romantic atmosphere with heart cutouts.

Why not install a chandelier for a distinctive touch if you have a pergola or a covered deck? Set the mood with a dimmer switch.

The atmosphere is enhanced by soft LED or wireless deck lights mounted to posts and stairways.

Are you having a creative moment? Online shoppers can buy frosted globes packed with white Christmas lights and placed in strategic locations to create that cosy, private setting.

Buy Some Flowers

Planters of winter herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, parsley, or sage, can be placed nearby and combined with lighting and flowering plant pots to offer colour. In February, it's common to find cyclamen, baby roses, red amaryllis, and primroses at the store. Place a vase filled with fresh flowers on the table. In your yard, you might find blossoming winter daphne, jasmine, or hellebores (Lenten Roses), which can be included in the arrangements.

For the winter season in Australia, dwarf conifers work wonderfully. You can hang paper hearts or white lights from these.

Play Music

This special day of love and romance will only be complete with romantic music. Create your playlist of songs that remind you of special occasions, or use one from YouTube, Spotify, or Pandora to get in the Valentine's Day spirit. Use your Bluetooth speaker and phone to play music as you slow dance or have an intimate discussion.

Prepare a Special Menu

Set a nice table with a bit of pink and red on it.

Remember to bring an iced bucket of champagne. Alternatively, you may select a hot chocolate beverage (preferably one with Baileys), a warm spiced wine, or a special coffee blend.

Enjoying a fondue can be a romantic way to start the meal, and because you'll be outside, you can cook the steaks on the grill or in the outdoor kitchen. Find a selection of unique Valentine's Day food suggestions online.

Remember to scatter candy hearts across the table, and enjoy reading the notes together.

Whatever romantic touches you decide to use, commemorating special occasions on the deck makes for memorable experiences.


The finest Valentine's Day present you can offer is time spent creating wonderful memories, but if you're shopping for hikers and campers, think about what they'll use. Outdoor gear is preferable to chocolate and roses.

One of my favourite ways to unwind at camp is on a hammock. Cuddling is a given in a hammock designed for two people. Additionally, hammocks have recently become light enough to carry when trekking.

If he wants to go outside right away and you want something comfier than a camping chair, a double hammock is an ideal choice for both of you. This light canvas will allow you to spread out and breathe the breeze and fresh air.


Nothing says romance more to nature-loving couples than cuddling under the stars with your significant other. However, it can occasionally be challenging to experience romantic feelings while camping due to swatting at insects and fighting while erecting a tent.

Imagine yourself cocooned with your loved one under the sky, and you have the perfect recipe for romance. Nothing makes a couple feel closer than a romantic hammock snooze. Just be careful not to sleep in a double hammock overnight, as most of them are not designed for doing so.

In response, we are here. The following are our top suggestions for making your next outdoor adventure more romantic. See them listed below.

Pick a Private Camping Area

While it's fantastic to meet new people while you're out on a camping vacation, privacy is essential if you want to spend some romantic time by yourself.

To guarantee you have the privacy you require, think outside the box and search outside of the busiest camping areas for a little more secluded location.


Even though it's a bit cliché, stargazing is romantic, so it makes sense! Make a cosy nest for the two of you on the lawn with pillows and blankets. A helpful suggestion is to study certain constellations beforehand to explain them to your date.

Extra points if you schedule your vacation during an event, such as a meteor shower, red moon, etc.

Campfire Intimate Conversations

A campfire is about as romantic as it gets for cuddling. Take turns sharing tales about your favourite times spent as a pair to kick things up a notch. Thanks to this, you'll be able to reconnect with yourself and your emotions.

Make a romantic music playlist from significant moments in your relationship as another fantastic way to bond over a campfire. Taking your phone out of the car for this specific occasion is acceptable.


Consider giving your sweetheart a hammock if you're searching for a cool and comforting present for them to unwind in. No matter what your lover enjoys, you may discover a hammock that will suit their preferences among our variety of options.

You can take your time choosing the ideal one to give your significant other because these come in several hues.

Whatever you choose to give your sweetheart for Valentine's Day, make sure it conveys how much you value them.

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