Best Portable Hammocks You Need to Buy Right Now

Best Portable Hammocks You Need to Buy Right Now

For many Aussies, portable hammocks have distinct advantages over tents, offering the ideal backyard escape—especially during times when staying close to home is essential.

Feeling a little trapped with the prolonged home-stays during the Covid-19 era? You're not alone. Many of us have taken to backyard camping to recapture that unique feeling of a getaway.

Why Choose a Hammock Over a Tent?

Besides their aesthetic appeal, portable hammocks offer practical advantages over tents, such as ease of setup, lightweight design, and an unparalleled cocooning sensation. Whether it's for a solo relaxation session or a fun family experience, here's why a hammock could be your next perfect outdoor accessory.

Best Portable Hammocks

Here's our roundup of the 7 top hammocks you should consider for your next outdoor relaxation:

1. Single Size Portable Mexican Hammock

single size mexican hammocks

Colour and Comfort Combined

This particular hammock stands out with its lightweight design and array of colours. Crafted with 100% cotton, you'll feel cocooned and at ease. Its versatility allows for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a favourite among our customers.

Shipping and Setup Ease

At Siesta Hammocks, we take the hassle out of your purchase with free overnight shipping. Along with the right accessories like our screw hook pack or Hammock Tree straps, you'll have this hammock set up in a breeze.

2. Single Size Rio Hammock

single size rio hammock

A Touch of Latino Flair

Bring some brightness to your backyard with the Single Size Rio Hammock. Its Latino colours inject joy into any space. Despite its light and compact design, it ensures a relaxing atmosphere after a busy workday.

A Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

This hammock isn't just for personal use; it also makes a fantastic Valentine's gift. Imagine presenting your loved one with this exotic hammock, setting the tone for many romantic afternoons together.

3. Single Size Brazilian Hammock

single size Brazilian hammock

Summer-Ready Design

The Single Size Brazilian Hammock is perfect for Australia's summer season. With its exotic look crafted from 100% cotton, it provides both aesthetic appeal and comfort. Put it wherever you like; the installation is simple and convenient.

Portability at Its Best

Clearly a take-it-anywhere option, this hammock exemplifies convenience. It's an addition to your relaxation arsenal that promises to last, making it a favourite for those looking to take comfort on the go.

4. Single Size Cotton Canvas Hammock with Wooden Spreader Bar

single size cotton canvas hammock with wooden spreader bar

Innovative Design for Easy Access

Known for its wooden spreader bar that holds the hammock open, this design is user-friendly. The strong, cool, soft, and breathable canvas fabric ensures maximum comfort, coupled with Bahamas-inspired colours that add to its allure.

As Comfortable as Others

Despite its unique spreader bar design, it retains the comfort level of the hammocks mentioned earlier. Its accessibility doesn't compromise the soothing experience that hammocks are renowned for.

5. Siesta Bed with Steel Hammock Stand

siesta hammock bed with steel hammock stand

A Free-Standing Solution

If you're short on trees but long for that hammock experience in your garden or patio, this combination is tailored for you. Its lightweight stand is easily relocatable, and the powder-coated finish ensures durability.

Budget-Friendly without Compromising Quality

This package is an entry-level option that doesn't cut corners on quality. The hammock, made of soft, 100% cotton fabric, ensures breathability, making it a family favourite for affordability without sacrificing comfort.

If you’re on a budget for an entry-level hammock with a stand with its portability, you and your family and friends will surely love this bundle!


A Hammock for Every Australian Backyard

With an extensive variety of options, from the vibrant Single Size Mexican Hammock to the budget-friendly Siesta Bed with Steel Hammock Stand, there's something for every Aussie looking to find relaxation at home. These hammocks provide not just a touch of aesthetic appeal but also convenience, quality, and comfort. In these times when travel is limited, why not transform your backyard into your personal getaway? Experience a whole new level of relaxation with Siesta Hammocks, and make every day feel like a holiday. Shop now and find the hammock that suits your style and needs!

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