What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

What Makes a Great Brazilian Hammock?

Some may think that a hammock is simply that; a hammock. But really, the truth is we have over 75 products in our store that are all unique and special in their own way. Yes, there are obvious differences between a standard hammock and a hammock chair, and a bundle versus just a stand or frame, but what about your everyday hammock that is strung between a few trees by two points?

Pearl Midnight Double Size Brazilian Hammock with Fringe_ closer_look_of_the_fringe

Many of our hammocks come from Rio in Brazil.

We often have customers ask us – what’s the difference between the Single Brazilian Hammock and the Single Siesta Hammock, or the Single Zen Hammock? The answer is always the same and it is “not a whole lot”.

This is because we only stock the highest quality Brazilian-inspired hammocks. Each of them has exactly a practicality, attention to detail, vibrance, durability, and comfort. The real differences in price across these products come down to just a few key elements. I’ve listed these below:

Siesta Hammocks Sizes

We typically have three different sizes for our Brazilian hammocks. These are:

  • Single Size
  • Double Size
  • Family Size

The single-size hammock is simple; it is suited to be used by one person only. The double size Brazilian hammocks are suited to one or more people and a family-sized hammock is most appropriate for a couple of adults and one to two children (and maybe a pet too!).


Double Size Brazilian Hammock in Watermelon Colour

Brazilian hammocks are usually thick cotton cloth with visible suspension threads at both ends, devoid of a spreader bar (wooden bar). Their design incorporates a deep sag and low centre of gravity, offering a well-balanced hammock that is challenging to tumble out of. As a result, they are often the preferred choice for those seeking to replace their bed with a hammock.

They closely resemble Columbian hammocks, which come with braided suspension strings called "cadejos" and an open loop at the end instead of a closed one.


Brazilian hammocks chiefly distinguish themselves from Mexican hammocks through their cross-woven fabric as opposed to netting, and they frequently include additional embellishments. Their popularity soared among Spanish and other European settlers during the 15th and 16th centuries after being sold to them by the indigenous people along the Brazilian coast.

Crafted from cloth, Brazilian hammocks are extremely comfortable. However, they tend to be warmer than their Mexican counterparts during summer due to their woven fabric, which does not allow as much air circulation.


The weightlessness of the classic Brazilian hammock is perhaps its most remarkable feature. The tight weave and long-lasting thread are comfortable and give the sense of laying on a soft sponge, thanks to weaving techniques passed down through centuries in Brazil.

Queen Size Fernando Hammock-None-None-Siesta Hammocks


You can hang both a Mexican and a Brazilian hammock in the same way. Place two hooks at the appropriate height and hang! You can also wrap the hammocks' ends around the posts. These hammock pieces are thicker nylons that won't fray and easily carry the recommended weight.

A hammock does not require an outdoor place to be hung. Many Mexicans and Brazilians hang hammocks inside their homes. Most homes in these nations have hooks inside, ready for a hammock nap in the afternoon!

After use, most hammocks can be readily packed away or kept hanging as a decorative feature.

You can also use hammock stands to hang your Brazilian hammock. Many different hammocks stand on the market, so you can set them up wherever you like.


Sleeping in hammocks is a South American ritual that extends back thousands of years. The classic Mayan or Brazilian hammock is little more than a rectangular fabric or tightly woven net gathered at the ends and hanging with a low, deep sag that resembles a smiling face. The suspension lines form a 30 to 50-degree angle from the anchors to the hammock. The sag generates a deep pocket, which keeps the occupant's center of gravity low and stabilizes the vehicle.

To sleep on a Brazilian-style hammock:

  1. Begin by spreading the cloth apart and sitting in the center.
  2. Swing your legs inside after that.
  3. Lay down diagonally. Your feet should be to the right of the center. Also, your head should be to the left of the center (or vice-versa).

The secret is to lay diagonally. Again, the longer and broader the hammock, the deeper you can hang it, and the more diagonally you can lay till you're virtually perpendicular to the ground.

The Brazilian-style hammock's design and sleeping method are tried and tested. But most people I meet have never seen or heard of a hammock properly set up or think of a newer spreader bar hammock with thick ropes. To obtain a "flat" lay, you're supposed to pitch the spreader bar hammocks. The difficulty with this method and the spreader bars that hold the hammock fabric or rope in place raises the hammock's center of gravity, making it prone to tipping. Furthermore, most individuals try to lay end-to-end, as if on a bed, and end up in a "banana" form, which is not flat at all.

Tropical Double Deluxe Hammock with Fringe-None-None-Siesta Hammocks

In a Brazilian hammock, can you sleep on your side or stomach?

On the other hand, a Brazilian hammock is ideal for back sleepers. To establish a comfortable position, you should sit diagonally across the hammock, not parallel to the poles or trees. If you want to sleep on your back or stomach, I recommend a spreader bar-style hammock that is more like a bed.


Today's market features several hammocks, but not all are equal. A relationship between hammock width and length results in an "ideal" hammock (could it be the Golden Ratio?). All things being similar, I've found that longer hammocks are preferable in my experience. If a hammock is very broad but short in length, the extra width will be squandered because you won't be able to hang it deep enough to benefit from it. Put another way, the broader the hammock is, the longer it must be.


Brazilian hammocks are among the most popular gathered end hammocks, given their versatility for indoor and outdoor use. Contact Siesta Hammocks today to own a quality, Brazilian-inspired hammock. We guarantee both beauty and durability in all of our hammocks!

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