Christmas Presents for Groups

As the festive season ramps up and the countdown to Christmas begins, the anxiety of completing your shopping list might start to kick in. This can feel particularly overwhelming if you're partaking in a large extended family gathering on Christmas Day.

The tree will be adorned with twinkling lights, while a mix of siblings, cousins, spouses, children, and grandparents will be eagerly awaiting their gifts. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, it's high time to consider a practical yet delightful solution — 'group gifts.' A daunting task? Perhaps. But, we assure you, it's entirely achievable.

Hammocks for Christmas!

double size crimson hammock

Call us biased, but as far as we know, those receiving a hammock or hammock chair for a present tend to have a glowing smile on their face, no matter what their age. Adults will love the hammock’s or swinging chair invitation to relax and unwind. Kids and teens will love the bright colours and flourishes and welcome a special spot around the home to retreat into.

The idea of pooling the Christmas money you would normally spend on individuals to a ‘per household’ gift will also relieve you of an endless list of finding something suitable for every single person.

Siesta Hammocks

And it’s a nice, substantial-sized surprise bundle to place under the tree that will not disappoint when it’s time to unwrap. You can be democratic about it, and give each household a hammock or hammock chair – choosing different colours, shapes and sizes according to the family you’re buying for. And you can have it all delivered to your doorstep directly from prior to Christmas so there’s no need to go to crowded shopping centres. This way, you can relieve the pre-Christmas stress and relax and enjoy what is a very special time of the year.

Smart Budgeting with the 'Per Household' Approach

Mexican king nylon hammock

A savvy idea to manage your Christmas budget effectively is to transition from individual gifts to a 'per household' approach. This not only lifts the burden of curating a lengthy list of unique items for every person but also allows you to present a more substantial, awe-inspiring surprise. By pooling resources, you're able to gift something of a higher value that promises to add joy and comfort to the entire household.

With this approach, you're not just giving a gift; you're creating a unique experience for the family. The excitement and anticipation that builds as they unwrap their large, mysterious present beneath the Christmas tree can make for an unforgettable Christmas moment.

Tailoring Your Gift and Hassle-Free Delivery

You can personalise each household gift by selecting from a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes tailored to the specific family you're gifting. Whether it's a bright, whimsical pattern for a vibrant young family or a sophisticated, subtle design for a more mature household, the choice is yours.

The best part? All of this can be delivered directly to your doorstep from, saving you the hassle of braving the crowds at shopping centres. By choosing this approach, you'll be able to shake off pre-Christmas stress and truly revel in the joyous spirit of this special time of the year.


The beauty of the 'group gift' concept lies not just in its practicality but also in its capacity to bring people together. A shared gift like a hammock or a swing chair fosters a sense of community and togetherness that individual gifts may not offer. So why not make this Christmas a memorable one with a group gift from Siesta Hammocks? From all of us here, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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