Discover the Best Outdoor Pool Lounge Chairs in Australia

Discover the Best Outdoor Pool Lounge Chairs in Australia

Relish the warmth of the weather and luxuriate in your backyard's comfort with an outdoor lounge chair. There's no need for an extravagant vacation.

The ideal outdoor lounge chairs are robust, weatherproof, and practical. They can fold up neatly for storage when the seasons change or when unexpected summer showers make an appearance. We have dedicated our search to the best outdoor lounge chairs, taking into account a variety of budgets, shipping times, and seasonal availability, and having gone through numerous customer reviews.

Sit back, relax, and peruse these splendid designs of outdoor lounge chairs, perfectly created for sun-soaking.


Outdoor Sun Lounge Canopy Swing Chair-Siesta Hammocks

As the weather starts warming up, we're all drawn outside to soak up the invigorating warmth of spring. Outdoor lounge chairs are the ultimate solution to this longing. They come in a plethora of comforting, inviting shapes and sizes and a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern. If you're looking for a perfect sun-soaking experience post a fun splash in the pool, pool lounge chairs are the way to go. Patio lounge chairs also offer a similar comfort, with some variants even dangling from your porch's roof to sway with the breeze.

Regardless of its design, an outdoor lounge chair needs to be weather- and water-resistant. Clean it off before storing it for the winter and bringing it out in the spring. This simple routine maintenance can extend its lifespan, ensuring years of comfortable lounging.


When looking for the ideal lounge chair for your pool area, there are several factors to consider, and Siesta Hammocks is not just talking about what style or size will work best in your room. But here are some fairly useful suggestions to bear in mind when designing your outdoor hideaway to make the choosing process a little bit more manageable.


When looking for pool lounge chairs, your location is important because not every outdoor piece of furniture is suitable for every environment. For instance, buying chairs with wipe-clean linens and waterproof or weather-resistant materials would be a great lifesaver if you live in a home where it rains a lot. Or, if your area has all four seasons, consider purchasing outdoor furniture that can either be conveniently stowed during the off-season or is sturdy enough to remain outside all year.

No matter where you are, always remeber that all outdoor furniture styles require maintenance, particularly if you want them to last more than one season. Your furniture will benefit much from an investment in a sealant, protector, or cover, and you'll prevent the hassle of having to replace it.


When determining how much cash to splurge on pool lounge chairs, it's helpful to think about how much your space means and how you want to utilize it. You don't have to spend your entire income on your outdoor space unless that's your right; go ahead! However, if this is the year you want to design the most opulent outdoor living area, spending more money on premium materials (such as wood, wicker, and wrought iron) could be worthwhile. These materials tend to cost more, but the frames they produce are usually more resistant to the elements.

However, if you're anything like me and realize that you'll only be using your pool lounge chairs for three to four months of the year, it might make more sense to get a less expensive model made of powder-coated aluminium. Aluminum frames are widespread, lightweight, and strong, making them a fantastic option for any budget.


It would be best to plan and layout your outdoor living area like any other room. Before buying, take some time to measure the available space. As a result, you'll have a more accurate notion of what will fit in your area. A normal pool lounge chair is at least 73 inches long, so it will occupy more room than other types of outdoor furniture. Your choice of styles and features will be influenced by how much room you have and how you want your new lounge chair to operate. Consider a chaise with an integrated coffee table, for instance, if space is limited and having a lounge chair prevents you from having a small side table. I assure you that you won't regret spending the time to measure your space.


Coral Springs 3-pc Lounger Set-Siesta Hammocks

You'll likely look for many of the same qualities in outdoor furniture as inside tables, chairs, and sofas, such as toughness, comfort, and style. Patio furniture differs primarily in that it must resist exposure to the weather outside. While there isn't much patio furniture that is completely weatherproof, significant differences depend on the materials employed.

Since every circumstance is different, selecting the "best" material for outdoor lounge chairs depends on how well your individual needs and each material's intrinsic characteristics line up. It's crucial to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of various material choices before making a choice. Assess how well each fits with your preferences and priorities and the needs of your residential or professional environment.


Ottoman Natural Wooden Deck Chair-Siesta Hammocks

For several years, wood has been a widely used raw material for furniture. It is naturally beautiful, generally simple to work with, and offers a strong framework for furniture such as benches, tables, and chairs. However, not all woods are made equal for outdoor use. Many softwoods, including pressure-treated pine, cedar, and fir, are frequently used for indoor furniture but are pricey, do not fare well against the elements, and require continual care while not in use. Hardwoods, on the other hand, are much more robust, resist weather damage, and can survive for decades if properly cared for. On the downside, they are often more pricey than softwoods and are frequently harder to shape. But there are also significant variations among hardwoods.


The most common type of wood for outdoor furniture is, without a doubt, teak. This fine-grained hardwood has an extraordinarily high price because of its high demand and scarcity. Fortunately, the teak possesses various qualities that make it perfect for outdoor use. Like many types of wood, it is exceptionally robust and doesn't warp, split, or become brittle. It's because teak is largely water-resistant and does not swell or shrink during drying. Due to its high natural oil content, it is very resistant to harm from insects, rot, and decay. Teak can endure the longest—up to fifty years—because of its resistance to the elements.

White Oak

This abundant wood is more durable than most and stronger and tougher than most as well. Due to its structural capability to resist water, which also aids in its resistance to decay, it has frequently been used to construct boats. It lacks a lot of natural oil and requires paint or a sealer to stay durable. White oak left untreated over time has a lovely grey patina.


This sturdy Australian hardwood is fast-growing, durable, and significantly less expensive than teak. Its rustic appeal derives from its naturally washed appearance, which, if not routinely oiled, will turn into a silver patina. It resists rot and weather, and its oil works as a natural pesticide. However, a sealer is advised to lessen the negative effects of irregular moisture retention and increase the eucalyptus' resistance to pests.


Outdoor Rocking Armchair with Shade - Black & Beige-Siesta Hammocks

Metal is often the strongest and most resilient for outdoor garden furniture. Metal can be moulded into more intricate shapes and thinner frames than other materials because of its strength, offering manufacturers more creative freedom. Metal is also a fantastic choice when combined with other materials with their functional and aesthetic advantages.

Stainless Steel

This durable metal alloy's high strength makes it a fantastic choice as a material for huge, heavy-duty outdoor dining tables, sofas, and sectionals. Due to its high density, it resists dents and other wear and tears from repeated use. Stainless steel frame can withstand severe temperatures better than most metals, but it does get warm to the touch when exposed to the summer sun. Due to its makeup, it's essentially resistant to rust and corrosion, although a powder coating is advised for further protection, especially in coastal areas with salty air and water.


The most widely used metal for outdoor furniture is aluminium. Despite being light, it is sturdy, robust, and easily workable in various complex designs. Aluminum is comparatively affordable, requires little upkeep, and never rusts. Although it is already quite weather-resistant, polyester powder coating is advised. You may add colour to the mix using electrostatics while also increasing protection against the elements and scratching.

Wrought Iron

Because of its strength and endurance, iron has been used for tools, structures, and furniture throughout history. If properly maintained, metal can last a hundred years. Moving wrought or cast iron furniture is challenging because it's one of the heaviest metals. It won't, however, topple over in a breeze. When heated and pounded into shape, it becomes incredibly bendable. While cast iron is also heated and poured into moulds, it is heavier and more difficult to work with than wrought iron. Due to this, elaborate hand-crafted patterns with an expensive artisan feel can be created using wrought iron.


An essential item you require for outdoor living is a chair if nothing else. The lounge chair is a necessary piece of outdoor furniture. It applies to folks carrying their seats to the park as much as it does to people who swim in suburban backyard spaces. Considering where you plan to sit, you should consider the chair's size, weight, and durability, among other things. You might choose something compact and foldable for the park, but you'll need something substantial and immovable for the patio.

Siesta Hammocks offers the best outdoor pool lounge chairs in Australia, guaranteeing quality and longevity. No matter your preferences or requirements, we have a vast array of options designed to cater to all. Your outdoor relaxation and enjoyment are our top priority. Choose from our exquisite range today and create the outdoor space of your dreams!

Remember, it's not just about finding the perfect piece of outdoor furniture; it's about choosing a lifestyle. With Siesta Hammocks, enjoy a lifestyle of luxury, relaxation, and outdoor enjoyment.

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