Hammocks – The Holiday Extenders

Hammocks – The Holiday Extenders

For all those lamenting the end of their Easter holiday break, it's time to harness a bit of creativity. You likely sought out a serene location to unwind. Perhaps, you travelled for several hours to reach your accommodation, then went outside to soak up the view. You found a hammock, jumped in, and heaved a sigh of relief as you delved into the first chapter of the lengthy novel you usually don't have the luxury to read.

The initial day of your vacation was pure bliss, followed closely by the second. Yet, time seemed to speed up, and before you knew it, the trip was over, and you were packing again. Worse still, the holiday proved too short to finish your lengthy novel.

hammocks the holiday extenders

So what to do?

Upon returning home, treat yourself to that emblem of holidays, relaxation, and joy - a stunning hammock or hammock chair of your own. Opt for a hammock in bold, vibrant colours that lift your spirits and transcend the monotony of everyday life. Hammocks are exceptionally easy to set up; you can even suspend them in open areas around your home using a hammock stand. Hammock chairs can be set up both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather and your personal preferences. The ideal spot could be dictated by where you find the most peace at any given moment.


Hammocks are fantastic. They dangle from trees, rock back and forth, and make relaxing in your backyard feel like a tropical vacation.

Here are some things you can enjoy together with your hammock!

Trying New Cuisines

Whether you decide to cook or not, there's no worthy holiday without food! Make your home vacation even more special with your favorite hammock and a choice of different cuisines from around the world. Order Chinese, Mediterranean, Korean, or whatever you have in mind.

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Listen to Podcasts

During the lockdown, listening to podcasts can be a source of entertainment. Listening to a podcast chat is similar to talking on the phone with a friend. You'll find yourself relaxing in your hammock while learning new insights or even comedy! Find podcast topics that interest you or discover new ones!

Read Books

It may seem very traditional, but really, nothing beats a hammock and a good book to read. You can re-read your favorite book or finally read the one resting on your shelf for a while, begging to be read. Books can take you to so many places.

Take A Virtual Trip

With the pandemic, traveling can be tough. So why not make the most of technology and watch live stream tours? It feels like you've been in many places while you're just actually swinging in your comfortable hammock. Plus, the next time you decide to visit the area, you know where to go and what to do.

Binge Watch Movies and TV Series

Who doesn't love movies and TV series? Well, I sure do! Watch some Marvel movies or romcoms. No one will judge. Keep in mind. You deserve a relaxing day like this! Hammock holidays are the best time to binge-watch a new or old Tv series.

Listen to Music

Nothing beats getting lost in music while relaxing in a hammock in your home. Make sure to use the best headphones to intensify the experience further. Music has a magic that calms you and is a perfect match for a stress-free day in a hammock. Enjoy, relax, and feel every beat of your soul with any genre you prefer.

Cuddle with Someone

double size rio hammock

Double hammocks are perfect for people who have someone to relax with. Sometimes, time goes by when you're relaxing with women you adore. Conversations can go from one topic to another with a bit of cuddling on the side. It's a perfect intimate moment while leaving all the stress behind.


Multi Colour Double Size Brazilian Hammock with Fringe _ lifestyle

Standard Hammocks

A hammock is an excellent choice for a living room, bedroom, child's room, or play area. If your decor is bohemian, rustic, coastal, tropical, or simply relaxing, choose a hammock that you like and that complements your room nicely. Hang a hammock in your awkward corner and surround it with potted foliage and flowers to turn it into a full-fledged living room. Another common hammock option is to hang a hammock in a formal, contemporary, or minimalist area, where it stands out and contrasts with the rest of the room. This unique design option will help your space feel more relaxed and less formal.

Hammock Chairs


A hammock chair is another great option for indoor and outdoor use, and some of you will agree that it is far comfier than a traditional hammock. Instead of placing a regular chair in your reading corner, hang a hammock chair to make your place dreamy. Hang a pair of hammock chairs in the kids' room, and they'll have a fantastic place to hang out with their pals. Install a hammock chair near the window to take in the scenery and daydream while gazing out the window. The good news is that it takes up no floor space and may be used even in a little nook.


Reclining in a Brazilian hammock can evoke the vacation feeling, albeit in short bursts. It allows you to slowly continue with your lengthy novel, while lingering in that carefree, suspended state, imagining yourself on a permanent vacation.

Find Brazilian and Mexican-inspired hammocks, among other types of hanging chairs, at Siesta Hammocks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at 02 8091 1204.

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