Optional Hanging Hardware


Swing Tree Strap: Single 


Robust & Secure: Supports up to 100 kg, ideal for both hammocks and sensory swings.
Universal Fit: Designed for quick attachment to any sturdy tree or beam, suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups.


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Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: Pair-Siesta Hammocks

Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit: Single


Secure Your Ceiling Fixtures with Our Reliable Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit 

Sturdy Installation: Tailored for concrete, brick, or wood, this kit's four sleeve anchors support up to 113 kg, perfect for ceiling-mounted swings or hammocks.

Flexible Application: Ensures safety and stability in both residential and commercial environments.

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Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: Pair-Siesta Hammocks

Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: Pair


Double the Safety with Our Pair of Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits

Dual Safety Assurance: Each kit includes four anchors, doubling security with a total weight capacity of 225 kg, ideal for substantial fixtures needing multiple anchor points.

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Premium Swivel and Large Carabiners 


Efficient Movement: Features two large carabiners and a high-grade swivel supporting up to 250 kg. Ensures smooth operation and prevents tangling.

Compatible with All Swings: Perfect for enhancing the functionality of any swing or hammock setup. 

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Ultimate Hanging Hook Kit  


  • High Capacity Support: Engineered to hold up to 250 kg, ideal for securely mounting hammock swing chairs.
  • Complete Setup: Includes all necessary components for a reliable and durable installation in various settings.

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