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Deluxe Thick Cotton Mexican Hammock Chair in Blue - side view SALE
Deluxe Thick Cotton Mexican Hammock Chair in Blue - front view SALE
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Mexican Hammock Chair Deluxe in Blue

$215.95 $269.95

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Try our Mexican Hammock Chair Deluxe in Blue for the ultimate relaxation experience.


  • Blue colour as pictured.
  • Handwoven with Outdoor Cotton String.
  • Available in Extra Large.
  • It includes the timber and the rope. You need to add a hook, strap or frame.
  • It was made in Mexico, supporting the tradition of weaving hammocks from home.
  • Twelve months Guarantee and 30 days return policies.


  • Weights around 2.5 Kilograms
  • Supports 110 kilograms
  • Hanging Distance around 2.10 meters or more with ropes
  • Timber length 105 centimetres
  • Overall length around 1.50 meters

Siesta Hammocks introduces our new Mexican Hammock Chair Deluxe in Blue with the bonus of comfy back support, difficult to find elsewhere. Because they're extra-large, you can relax vertically or horizontally, anywhere you want, you choose. 

Here are some compatible accessories that can be used in hanging your hammock chair in cream:

      Installation in Wood 
      Important: Do not use the the expansion bolts in wood. It could split the wood, and will not be as strong. You'll need to purchase 4x wood screws separately.

      1. Mark out 4 holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
      2. Drill pilot holes (to help to avoid wood splitting).
      3. Position the anchor plate in place.
      4. Drive in the screws.

      Now you have your anchor plates in place, so you can attach each strap by passing it through the metal ring, then passing it through itself. Now attach the carabiner at the desired height and attach the swing of your choice. 

      Have an adult check the strength of the set-up before use.

      They are handwoven in Mexico with our outdoor cotton, four times thicker than our regular cotton string, making them longer lasting and more suitable for outdoor use and families.

      The secret to our superior comfort and strength offered in our Mexican Hammock Swing Chairs lies in the diamond-shaped design of the hammock weave and the artistry of expert artisans.

      Customer Reviews

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      Lucky to have one

      Pretty simple to put together and very competitively priced. The kids just love it.