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Universal Hammock Cover-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Universal Hammock Cover-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Universal Hammock Cover-Siesta Hammocks SALE

Universal Hammock Cover

$40.95 $51.95

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hammock cover specification - siestahammocks
  • FITS ALL NON-SPREADER BAR HAMMOCKS - At  4.80m x 0.5 m wide, our Hammock Sock fits ALL non-spreader bar Hammocks in existence

  • PROTECTS YOUR HAMMOCK FROM THE RAIN - Most Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks are made of cotton, which means they will eventually disintegrate if left out in the rain. This sleeve is your solution. Slip it onto your Hammock in seconds after each use to extend the life of your Hammock by years

  • PREVENTS FADING FROM UV RAYS - Long-term, the sun’s UV rays will fade your Hammock’s vibrant colors, leaving it looking old and tired. Our protective sleeve will keep it looking beautiful & vibrant for years

  • SAVE TIME - Our most precious resource is time, so why not save some of it? Without this sleeve, you’ll need to store your Hammock indoors after each use. Save yourself the hassle.

  • KEEPS YOUR HAMMOCK CLEAN - Fallings debris from trees such as pine needles, leaves & fruits can accumulate in an uncovered Hammock. Our sleeve will ensure your Hammock always stays nice and clean

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Delivery is Fast than Expected

They are fast and convenient.