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Sensory Therapy Pod Swings

Sensory Therapy Pod Swings is a fantastic way to engage a child's vestibular sensory system.

Shop for the best, high-quality, authentic, and guaranteed safe sensory swing for autism at

We provide the largest range of Sensory Therapy Pod Swings in Australia for the past 6 years.

Our best-selling therapy swings are the indoor sensory swingoutdoor sensory swingsensory swing framesensory pod swing, and sensory swing set, and sensory swing with stand.

For more information on how to apply for NDIS funding for your kids or clients, please visit our NDIS Siestahammocks guidelines.

We are NDIS registered so NDIS participants are able to buy with us at ease as we only stock the very best, unique sensory swing in Australia especially for kids with autism.

We even provide a Sensory Swing FAQ section on how to install your sensory swing and other useful information for its usage, safety, and recommended sensory therapy swings for children.