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150cm-nest-swing-in-black-big-sale SALE
150cm Black Mat Nest Sensory Swing-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
150cm Black Mat Nest Sensory Swing-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
150cm Black Mat Nest Sensory Swing-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
150cm Black Mat Nest Sensory Swing-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
150cm Black Mat Nest Sensory Swing-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE

150cm Black Mat Nest Sensory Swing

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Our main focus is the safety of the swing. Therefore, it's made of the strongest and safest materials good for children with autism.

This swing is very spacious as it can fit many kids at the same time.

Key Features

  • Largest in Australia
  • Micro-Weave Textilene Mat
  • Seats Multiple Children or Even Adults
  • Capacity: 140kg Suggested
  • Hanging Length: 1.2-1.6m
  • Swing Width: 150cm

Package Includes

  • 1x 150cm Mat Nest Swing with Adjustable Ropes

Assembling your Nest Swing

This swing is designed to be tight, so it does take some effort to put it together.

1. Swing arrives in 8 pieces plus 2 hanging ropes and a mat for assembly.

2. Put the frame tubes and seat mat on the floor. Check which ends of the tubes fit together.

3. Put the 8 frame tubes evenly into the sleeves one by one.

4. Start connecting the sockets together, but leaving one socket disconnected on each side, so it’s like 2 semi-circles (shown in step 5).

5. Make sure the loops are evenly spaced and not pulling atan angle, or the mat would be too tight to connect. Fold in half and simultaneously join the two halves together, by getting both sockets slightly in, then pushing down on the tubing. This may require help from a second person. Keep your fingers clear of the joint.

6. Then you have a round platform.

7. Hold the padding open and insert the bolts from the ropes and tighten the nuts and washers on. May require 2 people: 1 to hold the padding open and 1 to tighten.

8. Insert the bolts.

9. Assembly is finished and ready to swing.

Ensuring the Safety of the Swing

  • Clearance distance should be a safe distance around the swing.
  • A fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury to the equipment user.
  • Do not use the equipment until properly installed.
  • This swing is not to be used in any other manner other than its intended use.
  • Adult supervision is required.
  • Adults should verify that the hanging ropes are secured and cannot be looped back on the swing.

It is important for adults to instruct children to:

  • Dress appropriately while using the swing (avoid ponchos, scarves, and other loose-fitting clothing that is potentially hazardous)
  • Sit in the center of the seat with full weight on the seat if swinging alone
  • Avoid swinging empty seats

It is important for adults to instruct children NOT to

  • Walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items
  • Twist ropes or loop them over the top support bar since such action may reduce the
  • strength of the rope
  • Get off the swing while it is in motion
  • Climb on the swing when it is wet.
  • Attach additional items to the swing.

Maintaining the Swing

  • At the beginning of each play season, adults should:
  • Check and tighten the hardware if necessary.
  • Check all protective coverings on pipes, edges, and corners, Replace if they are loose,
  • cracked, or missing.
  • Check all moving parts including swing seat, ropes for wear, rust, or other deterioration,
  • Replace as needed. The hardware used for this swing (binding post, screw, S hook, lock
  • washer, flat washer, and metal ring) can be found at local hardware store.
  • Check metal parts for rust, if found, and repaint using a non-lead-based paint meeting the EN71 requirements.
  • If the swing is hung from a swing set frame, then lubricate all metallic moving parts that are attached by a metal connection.
  • If the swing is hung from a tree branch, then rake and check the depth of loose-fill protective surfacing materials(such as mulch or sand) to prevent compaction and to maintain appropriate depth(Min amount is 25cm), and replace as needed.

At the end of each play season, or when the weather is bad, adults should:

  • Remove the swing from its outdoor location.
  • Store the swing in a dry environment.

Disposing of the swing

  • To dispose of the swing, first, disassemble it, Dispose of it in such a way that no unreasonable
  • hazards will exist at the time that the swing is discarded.

What's the material of the 150 cm black nest Therapy swing?


It is made out of Polypropylene micro-weave material (like trampoline matting) is waterproof, smooth, and supportive. A lot of people prefer the smooth mat style versus the rope style.

The outer ring has a pad for utmost safety and comfort.

Recommended Therapy Swing Stands 

Large Swing Stand (Optional)

 It's powder-coated and galvanized for weather-resistant, and the 260cm by 206cm footprint means that it can fit our largest swings like the 150cm nest swing or two smaller swings at once.

Suitable Sensory Swings: 60-150cm nest swings (with adjustable ropes), wrap swings, pods, hangout, etc. So most of the swings, as long as they're not exceptionally long.

Weight Limit: The stand has 150kg (suggested) and 250kg (tested power). If the swing you're attaching has a lower limit, then you should follow that limit.

Set includes:

  • 1x swing set stand
  • 2x mini-straps with carabiners
  • 1x mini-strap with swivel

Optional Accessories:

Tree Straps: These tree straps are specifically designed for use with swings. You can hang with one strap and have the swing swivel, or you can use two straps to decrease spinning.

They're easy to set up and strong, too, so your kids can be swinging within minutes. Just have an adult test the straps set up before use. You pass the belt over a strong branch, then loop the strap through itself.

150cm Blue Tent Attachment: For use with our 150cm nest swings, this blue tent attachment works well as a waterproof sunshade. It is made from Oxford polyester, the same as is used for the hangouts.

It is like a hangout, though larger and without a rigid circle shape. It is more of a draped figure, attached to the two vertical ropes at the front of the nest swing and the top ring (by Velcro), with the bottom of the tent hanging down loosely.

Premium Swivel Carabiners: This is a premium swivel with 2x matching large carabiners.

It is suited to the C-Stand, to allow for freer spinning or use with other swings if your setup allows.

It has two matching carabiners included, so it should attach to most setups.

Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: It uses four sleeve anchor expansion bolts in concrete or brick or four wood screws used in wood for a sturdy hold. An anchor plate is a good option when you want something more solid than a screw hook or tree strap or when you need to install concrete or brick (which some clips won't allow). It then uses a carabiner and belt with six loops for selecting the desired hanging height. Setup is easy enough if you know how to use the expansion bolts or wood screws:

Installation in Concrete or Brick

The four expansion bolts (sleeve anchors) are specifically designed for use in concrete or brick.

  • Mark out four holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
  • Drill the holes with a hammer drill, with depth and width to fit the sleeve anchors inside.
  • Clean the hole of dust using a vacuum, blower, or brush.
  • Position the anchor plate in place.
  • Slide or tap the sleeve anchors in, then tighten the nuts sufficiently so that the sleeve expands, pulling itself in the hole.
  • For further instructions for installing in concrete or brick, see below:

    Installation in Wood

    Important: Do not use the expansion bolts in wood. It could split the wood and not be as strong as wood screws. Please only use the wood screws when installing in wood.

    1. Mark out four holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
    2. Drill pilot holes (to help to avoid wood splitting).
    3. Position the anchor plate in place.
    4. Drive in the screws.

    Customer Reviews

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    Abbey Jones

    My sensory seeking kiddos were so excited that we purchased this for them to enjoy at home.