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150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand backyard 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand - siestahammocks 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand - siesta hammocks australia 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand actual usage - siesta hammocks 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand child using the swing set 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand hooks 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand  tree straps 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand actual stand 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand pod swings

150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand

150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand



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Important Note:  Please check in advance that the stand dimensions will fit in your space - it's large.

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150cm is the largest size of nest swing available in Australia and stocked only by Heavenly Hammocks & Swings, so it's totally unique! The most obvious advantage is that while a 100cm swing is mainly for kids, a 150cm swing can fit adults too. Add a quilt and pillows on top and you've got a very relaxing place to lay down (we've tried it and can confirm).

The swing is very roomy, so could fit multiple kids easily. The Micro-Weave Polypropylene material (like trampoline matting) is waterproof, smooth and supportive. A lot of people prefer the smooth mat style versus the rope style.

The suggested age is 3+, while the child pictured is 3 years old and fell asleep in the middle quite safely. He was so comfortable, that this felt like the perfect bed.

The Stand: The powder-coated swing set stand is designed with sensory swings and nest swings in mind. It is a fairly large stand at 260cm wide by 206cm deep, so it is a multi-purpose stand that can hold lots of different swings.

Weight Limit: The stand has a weight capacity of 150kg (Suggested), 250kg (Tested) while the swing has a suggested limit of 140kg. So as a set, it's limited to 140kg.

Set includes: 1x swing set stand, 2x Mini-Straps with Carabiners & 1x Mini-Strap with Swivel (Total 3) and 1x orange nest swing.

We have included an additional photo showing 2 pods on the stand for perspective, in case you wanted to hang other items from the stand. Additional swings can be ordered separately.

The Swing: The outer ring is padded for safety and comfort, while the swing uses 8 outer ropes rather than the usual 4 on smaller swings, for stability and strength. The tabs connecting the mat to the padded ring keep the mat taut, though the mat will stretch a bit after some use.

Weather Resistance: The stand is powder coated and the swing is made from Micro-Weave Polypropylene, which are both weather resistant. That means it can be used outdoors, though we'd still suggest not leaving it in the sun & rain permanently, to avoid fading.

Hanging: You can hang the swing from 1 or 2 hanging points. Hanging from 1 point will mean the swing can spin, while hanging from 2 points will mainly swing forward and backward, not spin.

Adjusting: The swing has adjustable ropes, so you can adjust to a suitable height depending on the age and height of the children or adults using it.

Accessories: The optional accessories are only offered for convenience, in case you want to have extra hanging locations in addition to the stand. The set already includes everything you need to use the stand and nest swing.

Why is this one so popular?

  • The stand avoids the need for a suitable tree or installing fittings in your property.
  • The stand is a good size to match with lots of our most popular swings.
  • The wide and deep dimensions of the stand give it good stability.
  • It can be set up in a play room, verandah, or yard, as long as there is space.
  • The swing is impressively large, so it is popular with kids and adults alike.

Please follow the manual when setting it up.

    If you buy a 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand online from Siesta Hammocks in Australia we offer fast shipping and delivered to your home anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney, and other major cities.

    Sensory swings are an effective tool to sustain and improve our youngster's growth. They are much more effective for children that have sensory demands, SPD, ADHD, or Autism since they function to boost sensory handling. Because of this, they can assist children to relax and obtain the feeling that they desire.

    Our Sensory Swing stands is a great way to support your child's favorite sensory pod swing, tree tent swing or your hangout nest! No more drilling hooks into the ceiling or searching for the perfect tree.

    This Tripod sensory swing stand is the ideal way to relax on any flat surface. It functions with a single pivot rotation, allowing you to turn nearly 360 degrees for a panoramic view.

    Using our exceptional quality sensory swing set hanging hardware accessories are for use indoor/outdoor, beams, cedar, wood, concrete, and trees to create your child's own playscape.

    Whether you simply want to purchase a 150cm Orange Mat Nest Swing with Swing Set Stand or looking for something to buy for your home, garden, patio, or outdoor settings, Siesta Hammocks has everything you need. 

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