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Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)-Siesta Hammocks Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)-Siesta Hammocks Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)-Siesta Hammocks Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)-Siesta Hammocks Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)-Siesta Hammocks Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)-Siesta Hammocks

Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)

Brazilian Hammock Chair (Oasis)



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 These Brazilian Hammock Chairs are tightly woven with high quality colourfast cotton thread. Now available in six specially-selected colour combinations with a coordinating, hand-crocheted fringe that is appealing to all ages. They are woven to support one adult or two children. 


  • Length

    LENGTH 30"

  • Height

    HEIGHT 72"

  • Capacity

    CAPACITY 250 lbs

  • Fabric Description


  • Material Description


  • 1 Year Warranty


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