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Double Hammock Chair Stand with Blue Indoor Sensory Swing-Not Applicable-Siesta Hammocks SALE

Double Hammock Chair Stand with Indoor Sensory Swing

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Swing comfortably with the Double Hammock Chair Stand with Blue Indoor Sensory Swing! 

Quick Summary

  • Length of pod 1.5m
  • padded air-filled seat
  • Material: 900D Oxford
  • Max weight 80kg
  • Weight Capacity: 150 kgs (When Sitting)

Package Includes

  • 1x Stand
  • 1x Blue Indoor Sensory Swing
  • 1x Inflatable Cushion
  • 3x Carabiners
  • 2x Hooks
  • 3x Chains

Please note: This item is classified as a HEAVY / LARGE item. Might incur a surcharge fee depending on your location. 

Additional Benefits

Our Sensory Pod Swings are made from oxford fabric a lightweight and waterproof material, which is also very durable and resistant to damage and dirt,  and have an 80kg weight limit great for all ages.

The Pod Swing is a fantastic sensory / Therapy swing that has great use for children with Autism.

Occupational therapy swings are great for children with sensory processing disorder, vestibular input issues and ADS.

Among the most significant benefits of this stand is that it has three hanging points while being small in size than the swing set stands (e.g. 260x206cm impact for the huge swing established stand vs 160x140cm impact for this stand). Having three hanging factors implies swapping several swings on either the centre hanging element or the two external hanging factors.

This small stand can have the cover swings connected in the 'open' style from 2 hanging factors. The Double Hammock Chair Stand is comparative (with 110x110cm impact) can have the cover swings connected from a single element in a much more 'closed' style. This stand can have a cover swing affixed from either 1 point or two hanging points.


Note that the footprint is 160x140cm. The photos could make it look deceptively small. It is a medium-sized stand and is fairly tall to fit most swings.


The main purpose of this stand is sitting or gentle to moderate swinging - not strong swinging. While the base is made in a rather strong fashion, you'd notice the legs lifting when swinging moderately (take a look at the video for an example).

Having the legs lift a bit does not mean that it's ready to fall over (since the legs are 160cm long), but it does mean that it could be annoying on a hard surface but should be fine on grass. If sitting, then you'd not notice it. If swinging, then it's worth considering.


It is made from weather-resistant powder-coated steel and has a weight limit of 200kg (when sitting).

Buying from Siesta Hammocks

Suppose you buy a Double Hammock Chair Stand with Blue Indoor Sensory Swing online from Siesta Hammocks in Australia. In that case, we offer fast shipping and delivery to your home anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities.

Sensory swings are an effective tool to sustain and improve our youngster's growth. They are much more effective for children with sensory demands, SPD, ADHD, or Autism since they boost sensory handling. Because of this, they can assist children in relaxing and obtaining the feeling they desire.

Our Sensory Swing stands is a great way to support your child's favourite sensory pod swing, tree tent swing or your hangout nest! There's no need drilling hooks into the ceiling or searching for the perfect tree.

This Tripod sensory swing stand is ideal for relaxing on any flat surface. It functions with a single pivot rotation, allowing you to turn nearly 360 degrees for a panoramic view.

Using our exceptional quality sensory swing set, hanging hardware accessories are for use indoor/outdoor, beams, cedar, wood, concrete, and trees to create your child's playscape.

Siesta Hammocks has everything you need, whether you want to purchase a Double Hammock Chair Stand with Blue Indoor Sensory Swing or to look for something to buy for your home, garden, patio, or outdoor settings.

Customer Reviews

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The Best

Great swing. Very comfortable to sit in.

Debbie G.

Exactly what I wanted. Fast delivery too :)