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Large Swing Sensory Stand - siestahammocks SALE
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Large Swing Sensory Stand-None-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Large Swing Sensory Stand-None-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
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Large Swing Sensory Stand-None-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE

Large Swing Sensory with Nylon Wrap Swing

$449.99 $492.95

NDIS School Orders

To streamline the order process for schools throughout Australia, Siesta Hammocks offers an extensive selection of items perfect for the classroom and accommodating students of all abilities. Our products, including the highly sought-after sensory swings, are specifically designed to support educational environments and cater to diverse needs. For personalized assistance and recommendations on the best sensory swing options or other items that align with NDIS funding requirements, please reach out to us at or connect through our website's chat function.

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To request an invoice for your school order, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Review Your Shopping Cart: Ensure you have selected all the necessary items for your classroom, with a special focus on our sensory swings if you're looking to enhance the sensory experience for your students.
  2. Proceed to Checkout: Enter your shipping details. Please specify your school's name in the “Company Name” field.
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For additional assistance or inquiries, contact us via email at, mentioning your order number for quick reference.

Bring some fun with the Large Swing Sensory with Nylon Wrap Swing.

Our powder-coated Large Swing Sensory Stand is designed with sensory swings and nest swings in mind. It is a fairly large stand at 260cm wide by 206cm deep, so it is a multi-purpose stand with lots of different swings. 


Nylon Swing 

  • Weight Capacity: 100kg
  • Colour: Red or Green
  • Hanging Length: Adjustable (By Tying)
  • Swing Size: 450x250cm

Large Swing Stand 

  • Weight Capacity: 150kg (Suggested), 250kg (Tested)
  • Dimensions 185cm Tall / 260cm Wide / 206cm Deep
  • Material: Galvanised and Powder Coated Steel

Set Includes

  • 1x swing set stand
  • 1x nylon wrap swing
  • 3x Mini-Straps (1 having a swivel, 2 having carabiners)

Important Note: Please check in advance that the stand dimensions will fit in your space - it's large.

Please check this link before placing an order: Post Code Exemption 

We do not ship on the ff areas for this item :

Northern Territory, SA Regional, Tasmania, WA Remote, PO Box  

We have included some additional photos showing two pods and a 150cm nest swing for perspective if you want to hang other items from the stand. Extra swings can be ordered separately.

The green wrap swing is made from nylon, smooth, strong, and a bit stretchy. The stand is weather-resistant, so you can use it indoors or outdoors. The wrap swing can be used outdoors, though it is best stored out of the sun and rain when not in use.


You can hang the swing from 1 or 2 hanging points. Hanging from 1 point will mean the swing wraps tighter and can spin while depending from 2 points will be more open though still fairly tight and will mainly move forward and backward, not spin.


The size is even large enough for an adult to layout fully inside. That also means some material overlap when used by a small child. The suggested age is 3+, though small children should use it under supervision to ensure that they can get in and out safely, preferably with a soft surface beneath.


You'll receive two large carabiners with the swing. You'll need to tie each end through a carabiner to set up the swing. Make sure to double knot it, as the smooth material could slide if only single knotted. Retie one end until you have your desired hanging length. Having the carabiners means it's easy to take down and put up without re-adjust or retie every time.


The optional accessories are only offered for convenience, in case you want to have extra hanging locations in addition to the stand. The set already includes everything you need to use the frame and wrap swing.


Why is this one so popular?

  • The stand avoids the need for a suitable tree or installing fittings on your property.
  • The stand is a good size to match many of our most popular swings.
  • The wide and deep dimensions of the stand give it good stability.
  • It can be set up in a playroom, verandah, or yard, as long as there is space.
  • The wrap swings are most popular with kids with Autism and occupational therapists for their soothing effect. They're snug and comfy.

Suppose you buy a Large Swing Sensory Stand online from Siesta Hammocks in Australia. In that case, we offer fast shipping and delivery to your home anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney, and other major cities.

Sensory swings are an effective tool to sustain and improve our youngster's growth. They are much more effective for children with sensory demands, SPD, ADHD, or Autism since they boost sensory handling. Because of this, they can assist children in relaxing and obtaining the feeling that they desire.


Customer Reviews

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Super happy with this swing!

This was the newest addition to my kids’ playroom and it’s been a huge hit.