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oval-swing-seat-in-blue-colour SALE
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Playground Swing Seat 150 Kgs

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SKU: 41515SH
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Size: 60 x 100cm
Adjustable Height: Max Height: 180 cm
Steel Tube: diameter 25 x 1.1mm
Black foam on the frame tube
Blue Teslin
Rope Suspension: diameter 10mm
Max Load: 150 kgs.


This Playground Swing Seat 150 Kgs is good for sitting, relaxing, and swinging. The swing dips down at the bottom of the seating area, so you can sit comfortably inside.

The tree straps are specifically designed for use with swings. You can hang with 1 strap and have the swing swivel, or you can use 2 straps to decrease spinning.

They're easy to set up and strong too, so your kids can be swinging within minutes. You simply pass the strap over a strong branch, then loop the strap through itself. Just have an adult test the straps set up before use.

Note: Stand not included. Any stands pictured are for perspective only.

The swing is adjustable in height from 120-to 160cm tall, so you can lower or raise it to suit your space, or set it at a suitable height for a child or adult. The swing material is waterproof Textilene, which is like finely woven polyester/PVC that lets air flow through.

    Assembling your Oval Swing Seat :

    1. Swing arrives in 4 pieces plus 2 hanging ropes and a seat mat for assembly

    2. Put the seat mat on the floor, and put the curved padded tubes into the sleeves first.

    3. Put the straight tubes in next.

    4. Insert the eye-bolts through the tubing, with the eye facing upward relative to the mat.

    5. 5. Tighten it with a nut and wrench. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

    6. Assembly is finished and ready to attach to 1 or 2 hanging points.

    Ensuring the Safety of the Swing

    • Clearance distance should be a safe distance around the swing.
    • A fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury to the equipment user.
    • Do not use the equipment until properly installed.
    • This swing is not to be used in any other manner other than its intended use.
    • Adult supervision is required.
    • Adults should verify that the hanging ropes are secured and cannot be looped back on the swing.

    It is important for adults to instruct children to:

    • Dress appropriately while using the swing (avoid ponchos, scarves, and other loose-fitting clothing that is potentially hazardous)
    • Sit in the center of the seat with full weight on the seat if swinging alone
    • Avoid swinging empty seats

    It is important for adults to instruct children NOT to

    • Walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items
    • Twist ropes or loop them over the top support bar since such action may reduce the
    • strength of the rope
    • Get off the swing while it is in motion
    • Climb on the swing when it is wet.
    • Attach additional items to the swing.

    Maintaining the Swing

    • At the beginning of each play season, adults should:
    • Check and tighten the hardware if necessary.
    • Check all protective coverings on pipes, edges, and corners, Replace if they are loose,
    • cracked, or missing.
    • Check all moving parts including swing seat, ropes for wear, rust, or other deterioration,
    • Replace as needed. The hardware used for this swing (binding post, screw, S hook, lock
    • washer, flat washer, and metal ring) can be found at local hardware store.
    • Check metal parts for rust, if found, and repaint using a non-lead-based paint meeting the EN71 requirements.
    • If the swing is hung from a swing set frame, then lubricate all metallic moving parts that are attached by a metal connection.
    • If the swing is hung from a tree branch, then rake and check the depth of loose-fill protective surfacing materials(such as mulch or sand) to prevent compaction and to maintain appropriate depth(Min amount is 25cm), and replace as needed.

    At the end of each play season, or when the weather is bad, adults should:

    • Remove the swing from its outdoor location.
    • Store the swing in a dry environment.

    Disposing of the swing

    • To dispose of the swing, first, disassemble it, Dispose of it in such a way that no unreasonable
    • hazards will exist at the time that the swing is discarded.

    Optional Hanging Hardware


    Swing Tree Strap: Single 


    Robust & Secure: Supports up to 100 kg, ideal for both hammocks and sensory swings.
    Universal Fit: Designed for quick attachment to any sturdy tree or beam, suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups.


    [Learn More]

    Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: Pair-Siesta Hammocks

    Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit: Single


    Secure Your Ceiling Fixtures with Our Reliable Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit 

    Sturdy Installation: Tailored for concrete, brick, or wood, this kit's four sleeve anchors support up to 113 kg, perfect for ceiling-mounted swings or hammocks.

    Flexible Application: Ensures safety and stability in both residential and commercial environments.

     [Learn More]


    Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: Pair-Siesta Hammocks

    Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits: Pair


    Double the Safety with Our Pair of Ceiling Anchor Plate Kits

    Dual Safety Assurance: Each kit includes four anchors, doubling security with a total weight capacity of 225 kg, ideal for substantial fixtures needing multiple anchor points.

    [Learn More]


    Premium Swivel and Large Carabiners 


    Efficient Movement: Features two large carabiners and a high-grade swivel supporting up to 250 kg. Ensures smooth operation and prevents tangling.

    Compatible with All Swings: Perfect for enhancing the functionality of any swing or hammock setup. 

    [Learn More]



    Ultimate Hanging Hook Kit  


  • High Capacity Support: Engineered to hold up to 250 kg, ideal for securely mounting hammock swing chairs.
  • Complete Setup: Includes all necessary components for a reliable and durable installation in various settings.

    [Learn More] 


    NDIS School Orders

    To streamline the order process for schools throughout Australia, Siesta Hammocks offers an extensive selection of items perfect for the classroom and accommodating students of all abilities. Our products, including the highly sought-after sensory swings, are specifically designed to support educational environments and cater to diverse needs. For personalized assistance and recommendations on the best sensory swing options or other items that align with NDIS funding requirements, please reach out to us at or connect through our website's chat function.

    Invoice Request Process

    To request an invoice for your school order, please follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Review Your Shopping Cart: Ensure you have selected all the necessary items for your classroom, with a special focus on our sensory swings if you're looking to enhance the sensory experience for your students.
    2. Proceed to Checkout: Enter your shipping details. Please specify your school's name in the “Company Name” field.
    3. Select Payment Method: Choose “NDIS/School Orders/Direct Bank Transfer” for your payment method. We will then send a tax invoice to the email address you've provided. To facilitate direct billing to your administration, include their email in the “Order Notes” section.
    4. Invoice Submission: Present the tax invoice to your school's administration for payment processing within 14 days.
    5. Order Confirmation: Your order will be temporarily on hold until we confirm the deposit of funds into our account.

    Please ensure to reference your order using the format Order #1**** and the name associated with the order for swift processing.

    For additional assistance or inquiries, contact us via email at, mentioning your order number for quick reference.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Sturdy and Easy to Assemble

    Easy to set up, Our kids enjoyed it.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Sturdy and Easy to Assemble

    Easy to set up, Our kids enjoyed it.