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Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand - Siesta Hammocks

Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand

Nest and Sensory Swing Tripod Stand



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Swings Not Included. This listing is for the stand on it's own, including stand, rope, carabiners, chain and pegs.

Important Note: Please check in advance that the stand dimensions will fit in your space - it's large.

Important Note - Required Tools: Requires a 5mm Allen Key for setup. If you don't have one, a keychain set of Allen Keys costs about $3 from Bunnings.

The Stand
The tripod stand is large at 260x260x260cm (along the base triangle) and 240cm tall, so it's best suited to outdoors. The large size means that it can fit all of our swings, and the swings can then be adjusted up and down using the chain and carabiner. It supports only gentle to moderate swinging, as there is a relatively small distance to the side poles. It also includes 3 basic pegs so you can fix it down (spiral pegs are the stronger and deeper alternative). The stand is power coated for weather resistance.

Swapping Swings
The chain and carabiner system makes it easy to latch on and off any swings you like. Swings that you might consider include - a 100cm or 150cm nest swing, a hangout, a pod, or a wrap swing.

Weight Limit
The weight limit of the stand is 80kg. That is more to do with the suitability to swinging than the sitting limit.

Set Includes
Tripod Stand Only (Including 2x Carabiners, 1x Chain, 3x Standard Pegs, 1x Rope)

Stand Advantages:

  • Very Large - It can fit all of our swings.
  • Chain and carabiner system lets you adjust the swing up and down easily.
  • Has nothing below the swing - safe from obstacles.
  • The ropes keep the 3 legs in position. The ropes and stand can then be pegged down (3x standard pegs included. Spiral pegs are optional).
  • Can be used for spinning - includes an integrated swivel.
Stand Disadvantages:
  • The stand has no feet on the poles, so if you were planning to use it inside, you might need to put something under the legs to protect your floor.
  • Only for gentle-moderate strength swinging. If swinging too strongly, you'd bump into the poles. Smaller swings have a larger distance to the poles, and if you adjust the swing lower, it'll again have a larger distance to the poles.

Weather Resistance: The stand is powder coated for weather resistance. That means it can be used outdoors. Try to protect it from scratches to maintain the weather resistance.

Adjusting: The chain and carabiners on the stand can be used to adjust your swing higher or lower. You can attach the carabiner to a different link on the chain to move the swing higher.

Accessories: The optional accessories (straps or anchor plates) are only offered for convenience, in case you want to have extra hanging locations in addition to the stand. The set already includes everything you need to use the stand.

Note for TAS, WA, NT: This item has a heavy item surcharge for orders to TAS, WA and NT. If this applies to you, please add the surcharge through the drop-down above the order button.

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