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150cm Nest Swing Seat

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This nest swing seat is made from a smooth and waterproof black and green Oxford polyester. Kids often find the mat style more comfortable than the rope style.


  • Weight Capacity 180kg (with gentle usage)
  • Swing Height Adjustable 120-160cm
  • Seat Length: 150cm
  • Seat Width: 80cm

What's Included:

  • Mat Nest Swing with Adjustable Ropes
  • Suspension Rope: 10mm Thickness
  • Appropriate Age: 3+ Years

This one is large at 150cm long by 80cm wide, with 180kg weight limit (under gentle usage). It is suggested for children 3 years and older.

Our swings are often hung from a tree or swing set, but can also be used indoors.

To hang from a tree, you should:

  1. Select a strong branch.
  2. Attach a tree strap or two and the swing. (One strap for a swiveling swing, 2 for a less-swiveling swing)
  3. Adjust the swing to be low to the ground to reduce fall risk.
  4. Make sure the surface below the swing is not too hard.
  5. Test the set-up before giving the go-ahead to the kids.

Now that you have it hanging, your child is ready to play. There is room for more than 1 child, so let them invite some friends to play too - they're all sure to want to try.

Quick Summary

  • Strong with 200kg Capacity Each
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 4cm
  • Comes as a Pair of Straps

These tree straps are specifically designed for use with swings. You can hang with 1 strap and have the swing swivel, or you can use 2 straps to decrease spinning. They're easy to set up and strong too, so your kids can be swinging within minutes. You simply pass the strap over a strong branch, then loop the strap through itself. Just have an adult test the straps set up before use.

Customer Reviews

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Extremely Beautiful

Extremely sturdy, well made, and materials are attractive.