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375cm Universal Steel Hammock Stand

$179.99 $224.99
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Get ready, folks! We've got the epitome of relaxation, the next level of comfort - a super-duper 13ft 3 Beam Hammock Stand! Now, this isn't your run-of-the-mill hammock stand. Oh no, it's one of the most popular hammock stands out there, grabbing the top spots on the best-selling lists.

Now for the nitty-gritty

  • Length: An impressive 371 cm
  • Width: A comfortable 141 cm
  • Height: Just right at 111 cm
  • Weight Capacity: A sturdy 250kg
  • Stand Material: The ever reliable Steel
  • Warranty: A solid 1 Year

This bad boy is built with some serious heavy-duty powder coated steel tubing and drenched in an ultra-sleek charcoal finish. And guess what? It snaps together faster than you can say 'hammock', without the need for a single tool. That's right, no tools!

But hold onto your seats, because it gets even better. This hammock stand is a true champion of versatility. Not only does it comfortably fit all double spreader bar hammocks, but it's also compatible with your traditional spreader bar hammocks.

And check this out - the legs are coated with rust-resistant zinc and the steel tubing ends are topped off with neat little plastic caps. Why, you ask? So you can scoot this stand all over your patio or deck without leaving a single scratch. It's freedom on a whole new level!

So why wait? Elevate your relaxation game, let this hammock stand to lead you to a world of ultimate outdoor chill. Comfort has never been this exciting!

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