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Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture-Siesta Hammocks SALE

Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture

$162.95 $203.95
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Time to have a seat on the wild wild west side. Our Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture

Definitely looks the part to spice up your garden and backyard with some country soul. From its period styling to its rustic imported Canadian fir wood construction, the bench is solidly built to seat two persons comfortably.

The attention to detail is excellent with finely crafted wagon-wheel armrests, a smooth and supportive backrest, and has optimal resilience and durability and exceptional strength, and beautiful grains from the fir wood finish. In fact, the bench can take on a massive weight of up to 220kg.

Better still, the fir wood is weatherproof, UV-resistant, and blessed with a natural resistance to rot and pests. Everything you want in a durable and long-lasting garden bench under the great Australian sun and rain.

Overall, the bench is given a burnt wood appearance that not only enhances its appearance but also gives it a worn-in style that exudes lots of historic vibes. Perfect for outdoors or indoors, our wagon wheels bench should be riding high on your shortlist of garden bench purchase.


  • Wagon wheels bench
  • 2-seater
  • Rustic looks
  • Imported Canada fir wood
  • Wagon-wheel armrests
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable back support
  • 220kg maximum capacity
  • Weatherproof
  • Natural resistance to rot and pests
  • UV-proof
  • Burnt finished
  • Easy to assemble


  • Material: Canada fir wood
  • Surface: Burnt wood finished
  • Seat thickness: 8cm
  • Height clearance under seat: 29cm
  • Maximum capacity: 220kg
  • Overall dimensions: 112cm x 50cm x 80cm
  • Colour: Brown

Package Content

  • 1 x Wooden Wagon Bench Seat Outdoor Garden Lounge Furniture
  • 1 x Assembly Manual

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