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Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-None-Single Anchor Plate - $52.95-Siesta Hammocks SALE
Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)-1x Premium Swivel and Large Carabiners (+$49.95)-None-Siesta Hammocks SALE

Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm)

$132.95 $166.95
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This is the medium variation of the wrap sensory swing. It's still 450cm long, but only 180cm wide compared to 250cm wide for the large, meaning it has less overlapping material around the head and feet for smaller kids.

Quick Summary

  • Medium - for smaller kids, approx <140cm tall.
  • Smooth and Strong Nylon Fabric
  • Capacity: 90kg
  • Hanging Length: Adjustable
  • Swing Size: 450x180cm
  • Can be hung from 1 or 2 hanging points.

It is approximately for children <140cm tall. Smaller kids can use the large too, but they may find it a bit too deep, and with a bit too much excess material around the head and feet, so that's when the medium can be preferable

The nylon material is smooth, strong, and a bit stretchy - similar to lycra.

The adult and child in the photos weigh a total of 80kg, compared to the swing weight limit of 90kg.


You can hang the swing from 1 or 2 hanging points. Hanging from 1 point will mean the swing wraps tighter and can spin, while hanging from 2 points will be a bit more open though still fairly tight, and will mainly move forward and backward, not spin.

The optional tree straps are not only for trees. They can be used to hang from horizontal supports, such as a horizontal beam on a verandah.


The size is for smaller kids, approximately <140cm tall. Taller people can fit too, but for an adult for example, the large is more comfortable. This size will have less material overlap than the large, when used by a small child. The suggested age is 3+, though small children should use it under supervision, to make sure that they can get in and out safely, and preferably with a soft surface beneath.


You'll receive 2 large carabiners with the swing. To set up the swing, you'll need to tie each end through a carabiner. Make sure to double knot it, as the smooth material could slide if only single knotted. Retie one end until you have your desired hanging length. If there is excess material hanging down on one end, sit it in the carabiner.

Having the carabiners means it's easy to take down and put up without having to re-adjust or retie every time.


The nylon material is mildew resistant, but can fade with prolonged UV exposure, so it is better as an indoor swing. If used outdoors, it is best kept under cover when not in use.


The swing is suggested to be hand-washed, and can be dried on low heat cycle.

Swing Tree Straps: Pair

 Quick Summary

  • Strong with 200kg Capacity Each
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 4cm
  • Comes as a Pair of Straps
    These tree straps are specifically designed for use with swings.

    You can hang with 1 strap and have the swing swivel, or you can use 2 straps to decrease spinning.

    They're easy to set up and strong too, so your kids can be swinging within minutes. You simply pass the strap over a strong branch, then loop the strap through itself. Just have an adult test the straps set up before use.

    Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit: Single

    For use in concrete, brick or wood, this anchor plate kit is designed with ceilings in mind.

    It uses 4 sleeve anchor expansion bolts when used in concrete or brick, or 4 wood screws when used in wood for a sturdy hold. It then uses a carabiner and strap with 6 loops for selecting the desired hanging height.

    The anchor plate is a good option when you want something more solid than a screw hook or tree strap, or when you need to install in concrete or brick (which some hooks won't allow).

    Setup is easy enough if you know how to use the expansion bolts or wood screws:

    Installation in Concrete or Brick

    The 4 expansion bolts (sleeve anchors) are specifically designed for use in concrete or brick.
    1. Mark out 4 holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
    2. Drill the holes with a hammer drill, with depth and width to fit the sleeve anchors inside.
    3. Clean the hole of dust using a vacuum, blower or brush.
    4. Position the anchor plate in place.
    5. Slide or tap the sleeve anchors in, then tighten the nuts sufficiently so that the sleeve expands, tightening itself in the hole.
    For further instructions for installing in concrete or brick, see below:

    Installation in Wood

    Important: Do not use the expansion bolts in wood. It could split the wood, and will not be as strong as wood screws. Please only use the wood screws when installing in wood.
    1. Mark out 4 holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
    2. Drill pilot holes (to help to avoid wood splitting).
    3. Position the anchor plate in place.
    4. Drive in the screws.
    Now you have your anchor plate in place, so you can attach your strap by passing it through the metal ring, then passing it through itself. Now attach the carabiner at the desired height and attach the swing of your choice.

    Have an adult check the strength of the set-up before use.


    Weight Capacity 100kg Each
    Anchor Plate Diameter 12cm
    What's Included 1x Anchor Plate, 4x Expansion Bolts, 4x Wood Screws, 1x Carabiner and 1x Adjustment Strap (110cm)
    Purchase Protection 6 Months
    Support 7 Days per Week


    Sensory Swing Frequently Asked Questions

    How to assemble a sensory swing? 

    sensory swing add ons and equipments
    1.  Make sure all the necessary parts are complete.
    2.  Remove the inflatable cushion from the vacuum-sealed bag.
    3.  Open the pod swing zip and put the inflatable cushion inside. 
    4.  Connect the air pump to the inflatable cushion and pump it up.

    Please note: Find the right balance of how you pump the cushion. Make it to the level of how the child is comfortable while sitting in it. 

    1. Close the zip and make sure the zip is completely closed up to the seat.
    1. Put together the sensory swing seat and cushion.

    How to install a sensory swing?

    There are a few ways on how to install your sensory swing indoors:

    Connect the hanging screw hook to the ceiling

    1. Connecting the hanging screw hooks
    2. Find a joist in your ceiling

    It's much better if you have a stud finder tool so you can easily locate the joist.

    What to do if you don't have a stud finder?


    A quick tip: Knocking the ceiling. If your knocking sounds solid, then it must be one of your joists. If it's hollow it isn't. Try another direction of your ceiling. Majority of the joists only direct in one direction.

    Now you've located the joist, you can start to locate anywhere from those joists you're planning to hang the sensory swing seat at.

          3. Installing your sensory swing 

    Equipment you need:

    drilling equipment - siesta hammocks

    • Drill
    • Pencil
    • Drill Bit

          4. Draw the hole location

    hanging kit - siesta hammocks

    • Use the ceiling hanging kit to measure where you can drill the holes. Mark its holes with a pencil.

    Please note: The majority of the joists are in different sizes so some are not wide enough to drill those four bolts. 

    Solution: Drill at least 2 blots along the joist. Sometimes, two bolts will be enough to support the seat.

    • Using the drill, drill into the joist where the pencil markings are. Drill each hole.
    • Clean out the drill using a vacuum, brush, or blowing into the bits. Always use a protective face shield, sunglasses to protect your eyes and not get dust in them.
    • Insert the hook into the hole and screw the bolts through the ceiling hook.
    • Tighten all the bolts using a screwdriver.


    • Connect the carabiner to the sensory swing hook that’s already installed.
    • If it’s too high from the ground, you can use a hanging chain kit to extend the seat lower to the floor.


    Are sensory swings safe?


    • Test the weight of the sensory swing for safety
    • Hanging Sensory swing Safety instructions
    • Test the weight of the sensory swing for safety

    Before your child/children use the swing, pull it down as hard as you can to ensure that it’s installed correctly and can carry your child, if there’s no issue, let your child play away! 

    Hanging Safety Instructions


    • An ideal safety precaution for hanging sensory swing is to put a mat under the sensory swing in case the child falls so it'll not result in any serious injury to the user.
    • It's a must that the distance from the ground should not be more than 35cm. 
    • All sensory swings are ideal for gentle swinging only and not for strong swinging. 
    • Always keep the area from where the sensory swing is installed free from dangerous objects such as toys on the ground, or any other object that might cause tripped over, or a nearby object that can bump the sensory swing.
    • We require adult supervision.

    Additional information for adults to instruct children to:

    • Dress appropriately while using the swing
    • Avoid ponchos, scarves, and any loose-fitting clothing that are potentially hazardous
    • Ask your child to sit in the center with full weight when swinging alone

    Additional important information for adults to instruct children NOT to:

    • Walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items.
    • Get on/off the swing while it's still in motion
    • Attach any hard objects or items to the swing.

    How much does a sensory swing cost?

    If you're looking for high quality, durable material, and affordable sensory swing for kids with sensory needs - you'll find great and very affordable prices at Siesta hammocks!

    Price ranging from $35.00 to $299.00. A wide range of available colours, sizes, materials are in our catalogue:

    Colours consists of:

    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Dark Blue
    • Darwin Pink, Blue, and Green

    High quality materials:

    • Synthetic
    • Cloth
    • Polyester
    • Nylon
    • Cotton

    How to buy a sensory swing?

    1. Go to Nest swings and sensory swings
    2. Select your colour, sizes, and quantity, and click or tap the "Add to cart" button to place the product in your cart and proceed with your order
    3. Enter your complete address ( We do not accept PO Box as per courier restrictions), personal details, phone number, and email address.
    4. Check the details and you can pay for your order.

    How much does the shipping cost for sensory swing?

    Siesta Hammocks can ship your sensory swings to virtually any address in mainland Australia inc. Tasmania, unfortunately, outlying islands off the mainland may incur extra charges. Note that there are restrictions on some products. Our free shipping offer delivers to most areas right around Australia but for some regional areas, the transport companies may note transport companies for delivery to your door may incur extra charges.

    When you place an order, we will estimate delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and as a general rule, we make every effort to have all orders delivered within 2-7 working days from the date of the order depending on your location within Australia and the product purchased.

    *Surcharge Chart for Heavy or Bulky Media

    Additional shipping charges apply to some sensory swings especially swings with a tripod stand or sensory stand frames and of unusual size or weight. If the surcharge applies to your order, you'll see the charge appear on the drop-down menu of a product page or we're going to contact you for additional freight cost.

    If the item can not be delivered to the address but you still place the order with us, we will contact you through email with the extra shipping fee after the order is paid. You will need to pay the extra fee to get the order delivered. Those orders with no shipment service or decline to pay for the extra shipping fee will be canceled and refunded automatically with email notification.

    Please note: We do not ship internationally

    If you buy a Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm) online from Siesta Hammocks in Australia we offer fast shipping and delivered to your home anywhere in Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities.

    Sensory swings are an effective tool to sustain and improve our youngster's growth. They are much more effective for children that have sensory demands, SPD, ADHD, or Autism since they function to boost sensory handling. Because of this, they can assist children to relax and obtain the feelings that they desire.

    Our Sensory Swing stands is a great way to support your child's favorite sensory pod swing, tree tent swing or your hangout nest! No more drilling hooks into the ceiling or searching for the perfect tree.

    This Tripod sensory swing stand is the ideal way to relax on any flat surface. It functions with a single pivot rotation, allowing you to turn nearly 360 degrees for a panoramic view.

    Using our exceptional quality sensory swing set hanging hardware accessories are for use indoor/outdoor, beams, cedar, wood, concrete, and trees to create your child's own playscape.

    Whether you simply want to purchase a Medium Blue Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing (450x180cm) or looking for something to buy for your home, garden, patio, or outdoor settings, Siesta Hammocks has everything you need.