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Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner-White-Siesta Hammocks
Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner-White-Siesta Hammocks
Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner-Red-Siesta Hammocks
Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner-White-Siesta Hammocks
Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner-White-Siesta Hammocks
Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner-White-Siesta Hammocks

Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner

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NDIS School Orders

To streamline the order process for schools throughout Australia, Siesta Hammocks offers an extensive selection of items perfect for the classroom and accommodating students of all abilities. Our products, including the highly sought-after sensory swings, are specifically designed to support educational environments and cater to diverse needs. For personalized assistance and recommendations on the best sensory swing options or other items that align with NDIS funding requirements, please reach out to us at or connect through our website's chat function.

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Keep your new baby's back warm with this stunning little blanket liner!

Purchase an AMAZONAS Sunny Baby Hammock Blanket Liner today for your child, grandchild, or another little family member.

This is something soft and cuddly for either newborn or baby hammock lovers and improves how they slept soundly! The AMAZONAS Baby Hammocks are great for gentle rocking, and fitted sheets and can be used out in the fresh air during the summer (or inside during winter!). It's perfect for new bork as it replicates that cosy napping place with the Sunny inlay, complete with an insulating thermal filling consisting of hollow fibre and smooth cotton flannel. As a result, it's easier for them to fall asleep in a beloved baby hammock swing


  • Use to keep baby warm in the hammock, while making it more comfortable and supported
  • Insulating thermo filling consisting of hollow fibre and the smooth cotton flannel
  • Slits are incorporated into the blanket to accommodate the 5 point safety harness
  • The blanket can also be doubled up and used as a pram liner or car seat liner!
  • * Carries the 'eco tested' label, ensuring the blanket has been tested for harmful substances and is approved for use with babies


  • Brand: AMAZONAS
  • Good for new born babies
  • Colours Options: Orange and Red, Cream
  • Material: Fabric: 100% brushed cotton flannel. Thermal filling consisting of hollow fibre
  • Can be combined with: Baby hammocks: Koala, Kaya, Kangoo
  • Eco Tested
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 86cm x 46cm
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • 12 months warranty

Suitable for:

  • Kangoo Baby Hammock
  • Koala Baby Hammock
  • Kaya Baby Hammock