Enjoy Summer with A Water Hammock

Enjoy Summer with A Water Hammock

There's little more pleasurable than soaking up the sun while leisurely lounging in a water hammock.

A water hammock is an inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend the summer. A floating or water hammock, unlike inflatable rafts, is placed above the water's surface, allowing you to sit atop the water while remaining relatively dry. Your body is half submerged in the water for maximum comfort while your head rests above.

Imagine enjoying your favourite novel or sipping a sweet lemonade from the comfort of a soft beach chair. However, there may be times when you wish to unwind in the crystal-clear water without drenching your book, your drink, or yourself. This is where the pool float comes into play. Many of today's top pool floats are not only practical but also Instagram-worthy.


Inflatable Floating Water Hammock Pool Lounge Bed-Blue-Siesta Hammocks

Operating on the same principle as floating loungers, water hammocks utilise two high ends that support a suspended central portion, akin to traditional hammocks. An inflatable outer edge maintains a narrow inner section afloat while ensconced in the water. Some floating hammocks feature air pillows to keep the ends aloft, while others boast an inflatable ring that runs the length of the hammock.

Because floating hammocks are inexpensive, they are widely available, and one may appear identical to another. There are, however, more modern hammocks that provide additional benefits. Our tutorial explains the slight differences and fascinating variants that floating hammocks offer.



Floating hammocks can be divided into two categories: 'open' and 'closed.' Open floating hammocks feature a headrest and footrest with no armrests, and are inflated at both ends. Conversely, closed water hammocks are inflated all around their circumference.

Open floating hammocks are typically more affordable and offer greater versatility. On the other hand, closed water hammocks might be more expensive but provide additional comfort and practical features.


When it comes to size, you wouldn't need a floating hammock as long as you are tall. Your feet should dangle to some amount from one end while your head rests on the other. You don't want a hammock with your legs completely submerged in water. A floating inflatable hammock that's not much more than a foot shorter than your body is comfortable.

Weight Capacity

The usual weight allowance for floating hammocks is around 250 pounds. Depending on size and durability, some may be higher or lower. Determine who will use the hammock in the water and whether there will be multiple people on it simultaneously, such as a parent and a youngster.


Some floating hammocks, as easy as they appear, need construction. Although all floating hammocks must be inflated, only a few models have inflatable pillows that are significantly more complicated. You must inflate them yourself (either with an air pump or with your mouth) and place them into the hammock's mesh apertures on both ends. Some hammocks come with the necessary pumps, while others need a purchase.

Summer Inflatable Floating Water Hammock Pool Lounge Bed Swimming Chairs (Orange)-Siesta Hammocks


Warranties are always beneficial. Examine the guarantee length offered while purchasing water hammocks. Check the fine print to see if the deal is right for you. A water hammock can be an excellent long-term investment, so be sure the warranty is enough.


What budget do you have in mind? Stick to your budget when purchasing a water hammock if you have one. You can either buy the cheapest one if that's all you can afford, that's fine, or you can splurge and buy one that will last a long time.


It's an important consideration before purchasing a water hammock. See what other customers have to say about their purchases. Also, consider the advantages and disadvantages to discover what will help you.


water hammock in green colour


There are a few different types of floating hammocks to consider. Some hammocks are adaptable and may be used in various ways, while others are more static.

Double Water Hammock

Most floating hammocks are extra-large, allowing two individuals to relax in the same hammock simultaneously. These are ideal if you wish to relax in the water with a partner or child. However, it does not imply that it can support more weight than a single floating hammock. A double room costs more than a single room.

Floating Chair

A floating chair has a circular shape rather than the rectangular or oval shape. It's smaller and provides less head support, but they are easier and cosier to use since they have an inflatable ring.


A saddle can be made out of an open floating hammock, enabling you to sit more firmly in the water. Rather than reclining down and placing your head and feet along the inflated ends, you stay seated in the middle, your legs stretched over one side, and the ends serve as armrests.


Choosing accessories in bold and colourful hues is part of the summer enjoyment. Floating hammocks are available in a wide range of popular shades, with some even including unique designs and patterns.


Closed hammocks may have side clips or hooks for tethering a rope to another hammock, a pier, or inflatable items like a cooler or raft. It prevents you from drifting too far away from your relaxation.


Since closed floating water hammocks are inflated all the way around, you can add one or two cup holders to the side. The cupholders aren't flexible, and they're shallow, so movements and splashing increase the risks of water or the drink entering into the water. Drinking an alcoholic drink in a pool, while handy, is always dangerous.


Summer Inflatable Floating Water Hammock Pool Lounge Bed Swimming Chairs (Sapphire)-Siesta Hammocks

Hand pumps come in handy.

A manual air pump is advised if your package doesn't include one. Since floating hammocks don't require a lot of air, it's best to avoid using a powerful electric pump that could overinflate the material and cause it to burst.

Use it for water sports.

If you're playing catch or volleyball in a pool with depths over your head, the chair version of the floating hammock comes in useful. You can effortlessly float and move without exerting much energy attempting to stay afloat.

Drape a towel out of water.

Lay a towel over the top of the hammock to use as a lounger on the beach or grass. It's a little more comfortable, keeping you from becoming too humid on the plastic.

Please do not use it as a life preserver.

Floating hammocks are designed for entertainment and leisure, not as a lifesaving tool. They're not safe for people who can't swim or require adult supervision.


Rash Guard

Rash guards are clothes that provide UV protection from the sun. When wet, they are pleasant and light, and they dry rapidly. If you're going to be in the water for a long period, a rash guard keeps you from needing to reapply sunblock (at least to the sections that aren't exposed) and keeps you from becoming sunburnt.

Waterproof Speaker

Adding music to your water day might lift your spirits. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker provides convenience and entertainment while swimming. Even if a waterproof speaker can get a little wet, you wouldn't want to drop it in the water.

Floating Coolers

You can keep your favourite beverage close for optimal convenience with a floating cooler. It keeps drinks chilled, safe, and accessible.


How do I store a water hammock?

Extreme temperature variations may cause harm to the hammock. Allow the hammock to dry before deflating, folding, and keeping it. After that, please put it in a bag and store it somewhere cool and dry.

Can I adjust the size?

Size is more of a concern if you sometimes plan to use the hammock on land. Unfortunately, you can't alter the hammock's length. If you're buying for a child, you might want to go with a shorter version. However, when on the water, most adults comfortably fit in most floating hammocks.

Inflatable Floating Water Hammock Pool Lounge Bed-Blue-Siesta Hammocks


You can choose any of these water hammocks to keep your body cool and enjoy the smooth floating sensation on the water. They are quite relaxing and may be easily transported anyplace.

Hammocks have established an absolute position in the market, from keeping your entire body cool to be a stylish addition to your pool. Choose from a wide range of colours, and you can also select from a variety of attractive designs from Siesta Hammocks.

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