Revamp Your Outdoor Living Experience with an Outdoor Hammock

Revamp Your Outdoor Living Experience with an Outdoor Hammock

We all love a touch of innovation, especially when it comes to furnishing our homes and entertaining friends and family on a deck. The element of surprise at your next barbecue or outdoor dinner party can extend beyond the menu with a twist on the usual outdoor furniture setting. Enhance this further with some fine wine and a fruit and cheese platter to set the mood. Whether you have the best view in the world or simply in your beautiful backyard, a hammock or hammock chair is exactly what you need.

Picture this.

deluxe double size Brazilian hammock

The beams of your back veranda support the suspension of a myriad colourful hammock chairs hanging down.  Just add a table in the middle.  It’s an instant way of creating a truly novel carnival-like atmosphere.  The suspended hammock seats will no doubt get people talking, and once they’re seated, will have them relaxed and enjoying the setting even before the food comes out.

The hammock chairs themselves are easy to hang and move about wherever you like, and if you like, you can purchase individual hammock chair stands from which to suspend each one, making them even more mobile.  It’s a great styling idea for your outdoor living, and can even be moved indoors, so you can enjoy that hanging-in-the-air feeling as you relax while having a chat, or for a quiet moment reading a book or being engrossed in your iPad.


Siesta Double Size Hammock with Stand-Green-Siesta Hammocks

Hammocking has been around for hundreds of years and is still a popular way to unwind for many people. They're the ideal quick escape from the stresses of the day, and a few gentle sways can help you relax. Here are some motivations to include a hammock in your backyard.

Perfect Stress Reliever

The natural swinging motion can help you relax, which reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Relax in your hammock and let your worries fade away (at least temporarily). Hanging it outside your home makes you enjoy nature and the sun, too!

Makes a Great Aesthetic Difference

It's not only a beautiful design element to add to your outside space, but it also helps you relax. It helps to create a focal point. Also, there are many different hammock designs to choose from, which allows you to experiment with the look. You can find the right one that will bring your backyard or porch to life. There's a style (and feel) for everyone, from rope hammocks to woven cotton or quilted hammocks.

Creates a Perfect Reading Spot

If you enjoy reading and spending time outside, you'll understand why combining the two is so magical. Getting some fresh air while reading your favorite book is a fantastic way to spend some time. Add up a relaxing hammock to enjoy it all in, and you've got yourself the ideal way to spend a hot summer evening.

boho macrame hammock in grey

Extra Seating Space Outdoors

A hammock naturally provides more seating for you and your visitors—bonus points for the fact that you can take a little nap in it if you so desire.

Great Conversation Starter

Hammocks are distinctive enough that having one in your house can instantly spark conversation. Invite your guests over and watch their faces light up when they realize a hammock can be used as a seating option.

It doesn't Take Much Space

A hammock is a low-key way to add seats (and sleeping space) to your outside environment. It may be readily dismantled if necessary, and it simply requires the planting of two trees (or another robust, stable base such as beams and poles).

Great Mini-Vacation

Hammocks are excellent for giving relaxing escapes. A hanging hammock makes a tiny and quiet sanctuary in your garden, making it a wonderful getaway while also adding a calming flair to landscaping and backyard ideas. A hammock swing or chair can improve your health while also providing attractive touches to your backyard landscaping, in addition to being extremely relaxing.

Adds a Relaxing Vibe to a Modern Interior Design

Natural fiber and material hammocks adjust to the shape of your body and provide a more comfortable resting surface. Natural textiles provide ultimate relaxation, while cotton and polyester hammocks are comfortable and appealing. Rope hammocks are ideal for relaxing exercises such as yoga or meditation. Sitting on a cushion or a yoga mat is an alternative to include hammocks and swinging chairs.

Thick Cotton Mexican Chair (Caribe)-Siesta Hammocks


Hang Nets or Canopies

Bugs and heat are kept at bay by hammocks with a canopy and netting. Sunshades and canopy designs built by hand are both affordable and practical. You can rock your hammock while lounging in it using a rocker kit, a fantastic pulley system. When properly set and furnished with cushions, sunscreens, or canopies, hammocks are pleasant and stylish.


You won't have to worry about a hammock taking up too much space inside if you hang it outside. It can help prevent family disputes about hanging it in the kids' rooms. The whole family, as well as visitors to the house, can enjoy it in the garden. You'll also be able to appreciate the warm weather when it arrives fully; nothing beats a nice breeze cooling you down on a hot day while the house chef prepares the BBQ.


First, consider where you'll hang it outside and what materials you'll be using. Here are the three options we recommend:

  • Tree trunks or wooden posts that are sturdy (with concrete footing)
  • Walls made of concrete, brick, or stone
  • A strong branch of a tree

After you've decided on the most feasible alternative for you, take some measurements and double-check that you have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and accessories.


For a big choice of splendid hammock chairs with many different colour schemes and designs, check out Siesta Hammock’s range online of hammock chairs and outdoor swinging chair, or call our friendly customer service team on 02 8006 8152.

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