Drawing Inspiration from Mexican Hammocks

Mexican Hammocks are an absolute delight!

We've turned to Mexican traditions for inspiration in crafting our exceptional range of Mexican Hammocks. Picture the classic image of a Mexican taking a siesta under a sombrero. It encapsulates the practicality and aesthetic value we aim for in our hammocks - functional, yet visually appealing.

Embracing the Charm of Mexican Hammocks

Mexican king outdoor cotton hammock jardin

Relaxing Dream

We've carefully selected a variety of vibrant, ethnic prints that add a lively charm to these wonderful hammocks. A hammock isn't just for relaxation. It's also a statement piece that can enhance your surroundings, be it in a garden, under a pergola, or on a verandah. Our customers often express that the bright, beautiful colours of our hammocks become the centrepiece of their spaces, attracting admiration even when not in use.

Exceptionally Comfortable

When you think of Mexican fabrics, you know you're getting thick, hardwearing material. It will hold you securely and won't fray. And the comfort factor is there too. You feel properly supported by the sturdy, hardwearing fibres that can lull you off into a relaxed zone or even a deep sleep every night.

Endless and Colourful Variety

Our Mexican hammocks come in various sizes, depending on the amount of space you need for either yourself or several people. They start with the loose but strong weave of the Mexican Cotton Hammock Chair (which also comes as a bundle – the Steel Stand with Mexican Chair) if you like reclining in a semi-upright position.

Then there's the luxurious Double Mexican Queen size hammock that has enough space for two people and takes a weight up to 200kg. And finally, for a whole lot of fun with the entire gang, there is the ultimate Family Kingsize hammock, which can comfortably fit four people with a total weight of up to 250kg. That's the one that tends to get the pets in on the act and results in a bunch of happy snaps frequently appearing on our Facebook page.


Let's take a moment to appreciate the heritage of the Mexican hammock, understanding how it's crafted and what sets it apart from others.

The Mexican origin of these hammocks is evident. They are hand-woven in a time-honoured tradition that spans thousands of years, distinguishing them from most other hammock types. Indigenous Mayan artisans primarily craft them in Yucatan, especially around Merida.


Special Weave

A weaver constructs each hammock from cotton or nylon ropes of various colors. The net hammock is then intertwined in a triple weave to form a diamond weave pattern. This interweave provides a highly robust hammock. But the most fundamental reason for the popularity of Mexican hammocks is that the thousands of individual cords all work together to provide optimum comfort and support. The hammock molds to the shape of the user's body while the weave contouring to the shape of the user's body. It evenly distributes the user's weight across the hammock, ensuring no pressure areas. This design also allows for a wide range of sizes and designs, from modest double hammocks for individuals to King-size hammocks for families, chair hammocks, and resort-style hammocks.

It's something that canvas hammocks with a strong hammock body, such as Brazilian hammocks or camping hammocks, cannot achieve.


The distinctiveness of each hammock is another quality that differentiates Mexican hammocks from others. The string colors and patterns are unique because skilled Mayan weaver handcrafts each hammock. It means that each hammock is a one-of-a-kind work of art, with no two alike. Single-colored hammocks are still available and popular in natural white and various hues.

Mexican queen outdoor cotton hammock

Amazing Quality

When compared to other hammocks, Mexican hammocks are of remarkable quality. Factories make mass-manufactured hammocks with low-cost materials and processes. It usually goes through a quick but cheap production. Mexican Hammocks are frequently made in the weaver's home. They have a lot more options for working and caring for their families. As a result, the employee is happier and more fulfilled, with more opportunities to improve their quality of life.


Look past the cheap and unpleasant rope hammocks that will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Siesta Hammocks sells authentic hand-woven Mexican hammocks. Make the most of your limited but well-needed relaxation time by indulging in top-notch comfort.

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