Is a Cane Egg Hanging Chair Worth It?

Is a Cane Egg Hanging Chair Worth It?

Do you own a porch? Perhaps, it's high time you considered purchasing a cane egg hanging chair. These breezy seating options, constructed from rattan, lend a vintage vibe to your relaxation, whether you're engrossed in a novel, scribbling in a notebook, or merely catching a nap. Traditional models showcase an egg-shaped design, while some others are painted in vibrant hues to boost curb appeal.

One of the perks is the versatility of these pieces. Today's designers are incorporating them into living rooms, bedrooms, and lounges to inject a dash of retro elegance.


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Cane is fundamentally a part of the rattan plant, produced by stripping the skin off the rattan vine. To enhance its appeal, solid hardwood, steel, or aluminium frames are wrapped around it. The woven material of the cane accentuates the spotted hue and pattern of the rattan skin.

Given its natural flexibility, cane is perfect for crafting chair seats or adding texture to furniture exteriors. A notable feature of cane is its less porous nature, enabling it to repel spills swiftly, with the residue easily wiped off with a dry towel.

In contrast to rattan, which is typically treated and painted, cane retains its original circular shape. It's typically paired with rattan materials to underline its beauty. Known for its strength, cane is often used for binding purposes.

One common trait between cane and rattan is their cost-effectiveness. Furniture made of cane and rattan remains significantly cheaper than those made from solid oak or plastic, even though most of the materials are imported from tropical nations. Their lightweight nature also adds to their popularity, facilitating easy relocation and transport.

Lastly, furniture made from cane and rattan is environmentally friendly! As rattan grows rapidly, it's highly renewable, offering ecological benefits. Purchasing or crafting your furniture from these natural weaving materials demonstrates your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.


mahogany cane hanging chairs

Undoubtedly, relaxing by the pool for the afternoon is wonderful. However, may we also highlight the marvel of the cane outdoor hanging chair? These straightforward, cane hanging egg chairs are mostly complete with a cocoon-like embrace to get cosy and a gentle rocking motion that will probably put you to sleep.

The nicest thing of all, perhaps: The hanging chair provides a private space to disconnect from everything as this long, hot summer of ongoing social withdrawal continues. In our opinion, sharing isn't only prohibited but also practically impossible.

One can be placed in almost any outdoor area with a reliable support structure. It might be on its stand, your porch, or a branch if you have one accessible. A hanging chair is an ideal addition for a living room or bedroom—anywhere a reading corner could be welcome—so apartment dwellers can get creative here, too.



The key advantage and selling feature of an egg chair is comfort.

It has tall sides and a comfy, padded seat for extended sitting. Some varieties, like the Ball Chair, are spheres that completely enclose the user. They act as cosy microcosms that let you re-establish contact with your inner self.

The egg chair is ideal for relaxing, curling up, reading, and thinking. Its ergonomically sound design helps to promote good posture and reduces neck, shoulder, and back pain. Your mind and body are both calmed by the cocooning hug.

Choose chairs with the greatest density cushions and excellent, durable fabric if you want nothing less than the most luxurious comfort level. Another nice-to-have is a tilt-lock feature that enables you to select the ideal seating posture.

Aesthetic Addition to Your Interior

livid single cane hanging chair

Cane hanging egg chairs have a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Their unusual, womb-like shape resulted from its creator's great vision and mid-century experience. In particular, they have that peculiar structural appeal that propelled them to instant classic status.

Smooth, minimalist contours in the original Jacobsen style exude an air of carefree chic. They act as centrepieces that truly grab the viewer's attention.

Many more modern egg chairs adopt these characteristics. Egg chairs that hang from the ceiling or a separate stand go above and beyond. They are a lovely gift for lazing by the pool or patio.

But over time, a lot more has occurred. Models that are contemporary, all-white, and neutral in colour adopt a different, less eye-catching strategy. They disappear into the background, allowing other design components to take the lead.

There are several beautiful finishes to choose from overall. Regardless of your preferences, you can express your sense of style.

Lots of Choices

The variety of products available nowadays is wide.

Egg chairs come in a variety of styles, hues, and dimensions. You can use them to embellish both indoor and outdoor areas. Classical copies, neo-retro artwork, and stunning contemporary works are all available.

It also means that they can perfectly show your personality while blending in with any style of décor and room arrangement. But for the magic to work, you must pick a colour that goes well with the rest of the interior setting.

It cannot be easy to shop with so many choices available. We enjoy egg chairs with a matching ottoman and a multipurpose design. They're highly adaptable and can be used indoors, outdoors, on boats, patios, and terraces.


Egg chars typically combine strength and lightness.

Because wood or steel couldn't provide that distinctively curved shape, early models were made of foam. It was a ground-breaking solution at the time.

The furnishings typically have layers of leather or polyester. Outdoor egg chairs include rust-resistant metal parts and are covered in waterproof fabric. There's no need to fret about inclement weather ruining the party.

Additionally, the majority of models feature a significant load capacity. Their sturdy frameworks, which can hold adults and children, offer great stability.

Great Features

Cane egg chairs are designed with a variety of features by furniture makers.

Yes, the distinctive feature is represented by upwards curving sides. But that's only the very beginning. For instance, many modern chairs have swiveling, turning, and tilting capabilities, which are a real joy.

Despite being more pricey, they provide excellent value.

The mentioned hanging egg chairs, on the other hand, conserve valuable floor space. They are excellent at making the most of restricted areas like balconies.

We come to the folding design of egg seats on the more affordable end of the spectrum. You can quickly open and close them. This function can sometimes be very useful (anyone going camping?).



Furniture made of cane is timeless because it appears to be well-made and elegant. Cane is a neutral that goes well with most interior design styles despite its distinctive webbing pattern. Because it adds colour and character to a home, people like utilising cane furniture indoors.


Cane is remarkably light. Compared to metal and solid-wood furniture, it is substantially weaker. Moving cane furniture around and lifting it is simple. Cane furniture is a great option for indoor and outdoor use because of its characteristics.


Cane is an extremely potent substance. It is also easily spill-resistant and has fewer pores than rattan. It implies that spills are simple to clean up with a dry towel and that liquids won't harm the fabric. With the right upkeep, cane furniture can certainly survive for three decades.


Since it is a natural substance, the cane is environmentally friendly. Because rattan grows quickly, it's a largely renewable resource.


Rattan and cane are frequently used interchangeably in interior design. Have you ever thought about the distinction between rattan and cane, though?

I adore anything rattan and cane because I have a thing for bohemian and seaside homes. These natural weaving textures have long dominated Pinterest and Instagram. This material, in my opinion, won't be outmoded anytime soon and will look great in any house.


Rattan is an organic substance. According to WWF, Rattan is a palm family member and is indigenous to the tropics of Asia, Australia, and Africa.


The rattan tree's outer layer, known as cane, is composed of thick, looping strands that grow like a vine. The bark of the rattan tree's outer layer is peeled off to create a cane. To put it another way, the cane is essentially a rattan plant!

You'll see that cane is hand-woven in a multidirectional pattern in most cane furniture pieces. This design provides the egg chair with a distinctive appearance.

This weaving is typically employed in furniture applications, such as the headboard or the back of a dining chair. On the other hand, substantial furniture items are made from woven rattan reed.

Because cane is a component of rattan, they have many characteristics in common, including colour and finish. But compared to rattan, cane is much stronger, more pliable, and lighter.


malacca rattan cane hanging chair

Cane has inherent elastic qualities, but the caned chair will eventually start to sag with heavy or extended use. It would be best if you tightened it to prevent it from wearing and breaking along the inside border of the seat frame, including the sides, front, and back edges.

Flipping the chair upside-down and using a warm, wet towel on the bottom of the cane seat will rejuvenate cane seats that aren't too badly strained or free of broken strands. Overnight, let the cane and cloth air dry naturally.

Please don't allow anyone to sit on the chair for at least 48 hours after removing the cover and turning it upright. The cane will tighten up due to this treatment's drying and shrinking, relieving pressure on the inner wooden edges.

Using a spray bottle, a different approach would be thoroughly misting the seat with warm water. The cane may shrink and pull firmly once more as it dries, so leave the seat to air dry overnight. Before using the cane again, let it dry for 48 hours.

If there are multiple broken strands, this tightening procedure won't function and is most successful when applied periodically within the first five years of recaning. About three to four times annually should be enough to use this preventative technique to make your cane seat chair last for many years.


Where should I place my hanging chair for the best results?

Any home would benefit from having a hanging chair, but choosing where to hang one can be challenging. Finding the area with the freest space is the first step. Is it in a bedroom, living room, or playroom, perhaps? To avoid placing the chair in an area you rarely use, you need also be aware of where you are most likely to utilise it.

If you use a hanging chair in your living area, keep it away from priceless or breakable items. It is advisable to hang any form of an indoor swinging chair in an empty corner or a sizable underused space since, as was previously mentioned, you need lots of open space. Start hanging your chair close to other seating areas to prevent isolation. If you decide to use a hanging chair in your bedroom, be careful not to turn it too close to the bed, as this may detract from the room's focal point and give the area a cluttered appearance.

What about indoor swing chairs or bubble-hanging chairs?

Although all hanging chairs are similar, the bubble chair and the swing chair are the two that garner the most attention. In essence, bubble chairs are just chairs that look like a bubble. They often form transparent half-spheres that dangle from the ceiling and are used as couches. Swing chairs hang as well, but they resemble standard playground swings. This style is typically built of wood with cushions made of cloth for comfort and colour.

What kind of hanging chair ought I to use?

It comes down to personal preference whether to choose an indoor swing chair or a bubble hanging chair. While swing chairs can be found in children's rooms or even on a dining table for a country vibe, bubble chairs are more frequently found in contemporary or eclectic-styled spaces. Whatever hanging chair you decide on, you will undoubtedly love sitting in it while enhancing the beauty of your house.


When you imagine a cane hanging chair, you likely envision a chic, contemporary piece of garden furniture that adds a touch of elegance to your yard. We offer selections of furniture that go beyond the aesthetics. Find the best cane swing chairs in Australia right here at Siesta Hammocks. Please reach out to us today for more questions and inquiries.

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